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After hearing a few stories on here of people hearing [...]

Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes
via The Full Circle Project
After hearing a few stories on here of people hearing high pitched frequencies lately I thought I might ask a little further afield and do a poll.
This is the latest quote on the subject I have come across:
"I had a high pitched frequency noise which lasted one hour last night, my hubby didn't hear it and I don't suffer from tinnitus, plus I wasn't drunk! We don't have a lot of high tech gadgets etc, and we were watching a DVD
It suddenly stopped , weird any deals guys?"

Have you experienced in the last +/-6 mnths a high pitched humming/frequency in your head (not tinnitus) or perhaps a low hum? feel free to give details in the comments.
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No but now I'm aware of this. If it happens to me I will record everything I do and around me and whether it is one or both ears.
Sunday 1 January 2017, 18:52:09
Malcolm G
There are reports on YouTube of strange noises around the globe, notably explosions or loud bangs. Other sounds too. I have on two occasions recently heard triple sounds like knocking on a tin can but loud and distant with an echo. Like KNOCK (knock) KNOCK (knock) KNOCK (knock). Repeated over a wide area. The second time it was only repeted once or maybe twice. Taking the piss or what.
Sunday 1 January 2017, 21:50:30
I hear high pitched frequencies like once every 3 months but they never last for more than 30 seconds. At home or work.
Monday 2 January 2017, 03:51:42
Have been experiencing that for 20+ years.. a frequency tuning sensation that feels like you can hear it, but is not a sound..... I remember it when I was a kid, and I remember it when it happened last week.
Friday 14 April 2017, 15:35:45
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