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Hello everybody. For several years I have been in pain, [...]

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Hello everybody. For several years I have been in pain, pins and needles. My body buzzing. The evil got to my physical body and surely in the mental one, too. Because of this, my fight for truth seems to be hindered but not really stopped. Maybe the opposite is happening. I have become a lot more aware of this Earth's life form discomfort and pain and feel anger at how disgracefully my loved ones died suffering in the System hospitals with almost no comfort and mad at myself I was not close enough and did not provide comfort. We do need to be close, pay attention and listen and respect (thank you Max Igan for repeating it enough). The paradise Can happen, people. It dwells in your Heart.
I am sorry, my post sounds negative even though it is not meant to be. I am positive we are on the right path. Would love to dance with you guys!
Sunday 27 September 2015, 17:04:07
Your post does not sound negative, Andrea! Why has it become taboo to even admit you feel pain? What a strange world it is. How could we ever be honest with eachother and how could we even begin to heal the issues if we are afraid to mention them because we might be perceived as victims? I understand your mix of pain, fatigue, hope and joy. When the dark is present you can see the light so clearly and you understand what freedom really means. Of course we need to support eachother in this world. How mad it would be to think otherwise. We need a community that cooperates to create healing and individual freedom. A society that, like Paul Levy says, conspires to coinspire. Paradise is indeed in our hearts. Guilt will do neither you or your loved ones any good though. It will only prevent us from doing what we need to do in order to change things.
Sunday 27 September 2015, 18:48:43
Thank you, Rosie, for your wise words and compassion. All the best to you.
Sunday 27 September 2015, 21:31:18
I get buzzing a lot. A hum that I can hear and feel especially at night as I try to sleep. I've been attributing it to the fact they have put up cell towers in my area in the past couple of years. Never had it before, but it could be any number of pollutants, we're certainly being bombarded on multiple planes. Fortunately we have the ability to heal ourselves of all ills- I'm going to work on getting the towers removed and I smoke herb when this technological age tries to squeeze my being into a space it does not want to be in!
Monday 28 September 2015, 11:19:55
I think many of us are connected to some radio wave/electric grid, if not all of us. Having the towers removed sounds great but really challenging. You need many people to support the idea. Well, we are creating circles so it may be eventually achieved.
Tuesday 29 September 2015, 11:47:20
This is video maybe relevant to you both…
Friday 13 November 2015, 21:06:32
My ears ring constantly I’m sensitive to wi-fi and mobile phones most people just think I’m nuts. I’m not and the evidence for this is growing
Friday 13 November 2015, 21:18:35

Research shows that this type of radiation causes the following
1. DNA damage,
2. Tumours
3. Lowering of blood quality
4. Headaches and stress for those extra-sensitive to this type of radiation.
Petitioning The UK Government.
Ban wifi in public places…
Friday 13 November 2015, 21:55:00
Friday 13 November 2015, 21:56:06
Thanks Chris, I try to avoid the sources much as possible but those around me are so very attached to their toys. The worst is my sleep being so interrupted that I spend more time in bed with less benefit.
Saturday 14 November 2015, 11:31:40
Thanks Chris good suggestions!
Sunday 15 November 2015, 09:37:56
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