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Hi lovely people! Thank you all for your interesting posts.. [...]

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Hi lovely people! Thank you all for your interesting posts.. I just wondered again about that rare astromonic eclipse event this sunday/monday.. Is it something to be concernded about? What to do? Any frequency shields needed? Maybe the new graphene coat which makes invisible would help?
Always good to remember we re powerful individuals instructed by nature, caring and protecting life and raising good vibes with the spark inside us.. .. and maybe its also ok to stay inside that time and not watch the sky at all..? Put earphones on, make more tea and sandwiches..? Myrthe
Dear Myrthe! This event is at Tongues lately, and many (dis)informations builds around It. What's Best in my opinion? Expect Nothing, and be Open to Everything - in that case, You surely won't miss what's coming. If You only have such possibility, watch as much as You can - ground Yourself, Open Your Crown Chakra, and center Yourself in the Hearth. Purify Yourself from what You still can and Bathe Yourself in the upcoming Frequencies as much, as You can. When the Time comes, be Yourself and don't get scared of what You'll percieved. Be Present. Be fully receptive of whats coming in and out of You, and be willing to Go nowhere else, then in Your and Gaias Best direction. You will know what is 'Best', by being centered in Your Heart. Here's a link for this event to be well Observed:… And here is another one, for esotheric info about this event:… And remember: buy only what's Good for You and Gaia. Don't let anything to drag You out of this Way. And final link, One to fill You with Beauty and Symbology, that can give You a much needen Meaning when You will need It at most... N'joy Your Journey, Dear Myrthe Namaste…
Friday 25 September 2015, 20:18:42
I think it's all good. More powerful waves of energy coming in to assist everyone on their journey. But expect it will depend where you are on your journey of waking up as to how it affects you individually. And we are also getting the photon belt energies as well. Think the change is all coming from within, but if people buy into the world of fear they will get it. I'll certainly be looking at the skies and moon (if I can wake up at about 0352?)...and embrace all of it. F :)
Saturday 26 September 2015, 07:50:08
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