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Hello, brothers and sisters! I hope this Full Circle [...]

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
via The Full Circle Project
Hello, brothers and sisters!
I hope this Full Circle Project is the way for me to, as the rock-n-rollers said: "Join together in a band".
Starting in " the keystone state", Pennsylvania. We the People, of The United States of planet Earth, hold certain Truths to be self-evident.....
Tuesday 22 September 2015, 19:00:50
How about "We the people refuse any Government that takes human rights, calls them privileges and then charges for that privilege, that bears no responsibility for it's actions, and is in existence for it's own profit at the expense of those that created it!"
Wednesday 23 September 2015, 10:30:33
here here!!!! well said Amanda.
Thursday 24 September 2015, 06:50:02
Hi Rick, I am also here on western Pa. Just joined the full circle project to see who's around of a like mind. I'm ready to take some action because I now realize to NOT act on what I've learned in the last few years would make me an accomplice of the criminals running the planet.
Sunday 28 February 2016, 19:14:53
Rick, Volunteer of America
Tomus! Yep, it takes a whole new way of thinking. Summed up by the hippy proverb: "What if they had a war, and nobody showed up for it?". Or: " The only way to win this game is not to play it. . Hang in there, and associate with like minded people who are all around you, but not necessarily jumping up and down, drawing attention to themselves.
Monday 29 February 2016, 15:12:17
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