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For those who may think United Nations have all the [...]

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
via The Full Circle Project
For those who may think United Nations have all the power and say on creating this new global government I hear much about, I would have to ask why do most people think United Nations are the highest authority on the land? I know they think they are and want us believing that as well. It's completely contrary to law and here's why...god created man, man created local government, local government created state government, state government created federal government, and federal governments got together and created something call United Nations. So I wonder, every time something gets created by man or is a creation of man, this creation somehow gets bestowed with new powers that man didn't poses in the first place? Un is so far down the chain of command to man it's not funny. UN is the lowest authority on this planet but again, needs the beliefs of the peoples mind in order for this to have effect(an understanding of energy will clearly show this). UN plays one of the biggest roles in breaking gods natural law on this planet. I'm sure most here already knew this. I just posted this on my FB for the many who are not awake yet.
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