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I joined this circle out of curiosity of others belief [...]

Estero, Florida
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I joined this circle out of curiosity of others belief in spirituality.
For me it is not religeon but it is the connection to my soul/spirit and being one with the universe in all ways. It is a connection to
my concept of God or the Devine having male and female aspects.I live my life in truth and have unwavering faith. ( a bold statement, I know) The faith alone is really what catapulted me in great growth. I meditated for several years and believed in what I had to do. I quit my job, I left my wife of 30 years and gave her the house and all of the furnishings. I didn't know where I'd go or what I would do I only knew that I must go and that unwavering faith in the face of my fears is what did it. I make at least double the income I had then. I pay for the house and utilities where my wife lives although I rarely speak to or see her. I have been so blessed and of course have my ups and downs.

I don't have all of the friends I once had and find it hard to converse with all of the people who seem to have the projected opinion of the American media. Funny how our cultural norms are driven my the media and most accept the modern government and media values (if that's what they are).

Some of the few spiritual people I've met have nothing materially speaking and believe that is how they should live. I respect and understand that. After all more simplicity in life give some people more clarity and focus in there spiritual endeavors. Others although wealthy are extremely committed to their spiritual practices.

So I am only trying to say that each person has their distinct individual perceptions of spirituality and for each of us it is a little different. As we are different and we have our own journey and fit into the universe with our unique experience of this physical life.

I should have been killed several times and finally I got it; it's out of my control. So smiling I went on in and was saved again as my beliefs grew enormously as did my faith and confidence. This is just the "readers digest version"( i.e. condensed) . I hope maybe there is some bit or piece in here that you can resonate with and maybe smile.
as long as you seek that is sign that you are not complete, and that is an illusion...
Friday 18 September 2015, 14:03:54
Bob B
Life is full of illusions. So I suppose you're right yet still I need to get past that illusion which is all part of the process. Don't you think so?
Friday 18 September 2015, 14:36:35
look, perhaps I haven't expressed the right way, you too is the illusion, border between inner and outer, illusion too, going up down left and right, illusion, dimensionless and formless taking dimension and form, you are not your thought, your experiences, your feelings, your knowledge, all that is interchangeable, don't resist it, don't identify
Friday 18 September 2015, 17:23:55
the one on the path it may not seams so, yet it does to one on the end, you see we seek not for all answers we crave for absence of questions, as getting answers true or not is building questions relevant and else, how do you suppose have no questions? by realizing fear (false evidence appearing real) more then else fear own else which position one as enemy to one while same time all there is is one, on various stages of refinement or illumination yet no way more or less important, as one cant be important and less and more important at the same time, thus don't find yourself be yourself, you can't be better then you are or worse then you are, there are no polarities as such there. p.s. I m illusion too, changed so much and yet remained so same, it doesn't comes with advancing nor retreating, it comes with peace, embracing, transcending, non-attaching, and love yourself not in ego way, but in divine way, there is no ego. I lat. illusion yet again persistent one, if you lose everything and can't find it, lose yourself to find it, there is no obstacle only lessons
Friday 18 September 2015, 17:41:05
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