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Gee, I would really be impressed if Max Igan could [...]

Torrens Island, South Australia
via The Full Circle Project
Gee, I would really be impressed if Max Igan could say a big hello to me... that would really boost my confidence to know that he comes when he is called. I mean I pay good $ for a service but it seems I am ignored everywhere I go... Boo Hoo!
Mat Dowle
Hi Stiffwood. I know Max is pretty busy at the moment and doesn't have time to reply to every post. Not sure what you are referring to regarding paying good $ for a service? This site is and always will be provided free of charge.
Monday 14 September 2015, 18:58:10
Gee, me too! C'mon Max say hello to us all. Maybe you could dedicate the majority of your free time to start a Podcast and help counter the parasitic psychopathy the world is currently being forced to endure. Perhaps instead of saying personal hello's and massaging our egos, you could take a few years out of your schedule and help propagate a networking site for the relatively few folk who actually still have compassion and empathy for each other. How selfish you are. That goes for you too Dowle, you haven't said hello to me since I came here. How very rude.
Monday 14 September 2015, 22:41:28
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