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Another Chinese chemical factory explosion This makes 5. I think that [...]

Torrens Island, South Australia
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Another Chinese chemical factory explosion
This makes 5. I think that China is now experiencing a combination of Stuxnet and chemical attacks. Stuxnet can easily cause chemical explosions at chemical factories. Stuxnet is specifically designed to interfere with fluid control systems, which is why it can so easily destroy nuclear facilities, and also would no doubt be useful against chemical factories, refineries, and even ordinary coal burning power facilities. Steel mills also, anything that has to circulate fluids for cooling or mix materials properly to prevent disaster.
At any rate, I am certain that China is getting a few remote visits from the Negev desert right now.
I still think they intend to assign Hillary as President
If this was not their primary objective, Hillary would be in jail already for her espionage, rather than being compared to Trump in the polls. When an enemy usurps a nation, the crimes of their operatives against that nation's people become meaningless because the nation will no longer have an immune system against its destruction. Therefore, Hillary will never be punished for putting thousands of classified documents on a server, which was easily accessed by foreign powers, and then the payoffs to Hillary were paid as charitable donations to her foundations. That is how she laundered it all, if she has not fried yet she won't fry, and she will very likely be assigned President. I don't make doom predictions often here, but that is one I am sticking with, HILLARY WILL NEVER FRY, AND WILL BE ASSIGNED PRESIDENT. There will only be a side show "election".
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