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Raleigh, North Carolina
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Erica T
Magic money not from taxpayers? Where does it come from, then?
Friday 4 September 2015, 01:42:10
Erica, good ? indeed-
where does all money 'come from'? Who is able to print an INFINITE amount of this coloured paper? Who can create this false 'god' out of thin air? Who directs the flow of currency? If tax payers money is not going to 'infrastructure', where is it going? And who wants to put infrastructure in place to 'secure a better future' so Agenda 21 can take hold? It's all a 'funny' kinda magic indeed -how about we cast some better spells
Friday 4 September 2015, 08:08:50
Erica T
I guess you have figured out how to not pay taxes out of your false god paychecks. Good on ya. Please share.
Friday 4 September 2015, 14:03:12
removed myself from the system basically. Then again, was never much in it as I left school at 13, only had occasional conventional jobs to get by with very unconventional life...lived low-key, fed myself on adventures.... not easy, but real Still live on next to nothing and privileged to be coordinating FCP. I just never got caught up in mortgages, never bought anything I couldn't pay for at the time...just a choice + some 'divine intervention' I guess... Non compliance and a commitment to it? I didn't figure it out so much as just lived it. If we re-create supportive communities that value people for who they really are and what they want to contribute, then folks are more prepared to let go of their false sense of security etc...and move into a way of life that does not support this seriously sick system. At least, that's just one perspective.... I think a wise choice is based on deep Trust in Life...what do you say?
In Lak'ech
Saturday 5 September 2015, 09:13:52
Erica T
I say sure. Not all of us were lucky enough to see around the system at 13, and we're trapped in normal jobs and have mortgages. It's simply a fact.
Saturday 5 September 2015, 14:24:30
I agree, except not with the 'fact' that people are trapped. They ARE traps of course, designed this way. But you are trapped by it only as long as you believe you are, and comply with the the BELIEF that you're trapped that keeps you there... it would take courage and a change of lifestyle and some faith... but all that is available and within reach. The more of us make the decision to do this, the easier it becomes for others to make the break... Just out of interest, i ask what is it precisely that prevents people from making the leap? It would be so helpful to get peoples points of view on this as we could find ways to put the fears to rest and address the practical process of disengaging from a sick system.
Saturday 5 September 2015, 21:31:20
Erica T
Is there a circle for that discussion? I don't care to have it here.
Sunday 6 September 2015, 13:26:24
Erica T- You don't care you say? Maybe that is a big part of the problem.
Thursday 10 September 2015, 22:28:18
Erica T
Suzanne- Ah, very good at taking things out of context. Thank you for such a lovely comment.
Saturday 12 September 2015, 13:28:56
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