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Hi cliff...tell your water you love it and are grateful [...]

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Hi cliff...tell your water you love it and are grateful for/to it...sounds frilly but look up masuru emoto's work and gerald pollock has lots of frankly astonishing info about water.
[deleted user]
I've seen emotos work on you tube quite mind blowing really .It makes you think about your intention with everything if water changes like that what about everything else .mineral plant animal human .It makes you think doesn't it cheers 😊
Tuesday 1 September 2015, 22:25:50
I've been doing this, as I do not have the funds for more filters. This is the same as healing water or anything living with crystals- through sending your intentions into them. Water is composed of crystals so it works the same way. Although, really polluted water, placing a crystal in the water with your intentions sends out that intention to every other crystal within the water like a wave to heal the water.
Tuesday 8 September 2015, 01:16:34
A lovely way to while away a day...sitting on the riverbank tossing love and healing into the water. Lush
Tuesday 8 September 2015, 16:46:13
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