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This is what I did today (no exaggerating)...drove my car [...]

Cambridge, Minnesota
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This is what I did today (no exaggerating)...drove my car that depends on me purchasing fuel; paid my personal year-end taxes so the government doesn't garnish my wages; paid my property taxes so the county doesn't take my property away; had my furnace and water heater inspected so my home owners insurance isn't cancelled, bought groceries, so I won't go hungry; spoke with my "awakened"21 y.o daughter and told her it was a good idea to get her passport before the government shuts down because of a they did a couple years ago; paid my healthcare bill, so I can continue seeking healthcare...and made a 20,000 mile car maintenance appointment because the computer on my dashboard told me it's time....oh, yes, last month I brought my car (Chrysler 200) in because there was a recall on the computer/navigation system...apparently computer hackers found a way to hack into our car computers. Geez....I am awakened! I realize this viscous cycle we live in...I would welcome living off the grid...but even then,...if we don't pay our taxes..."they" can take the land away from us, too.
Mark R
Lorie, where are you from? I am in St. Louis. I feel your pain.
Tuesday 1 September 2015, 00:03:10
Hi Mark! I am in Minnesota. What do you think of all this civil unrest in our States? Minnesota just had the "MN State Fair" and there were protesters lying in the streets and voicing that there lives matter. OF COURSE THEY MATTER! Geez...every single person matters. What if...just "what if" the police officers handed out water and sandwiches to the protesters..."kill" them with kindness...what do you think would happen? Our America is splitting and I have this strange feeling that our government is encouraging the split. What's your thoughts? Lorie
Tuesday 1 September 2015, 00:15:37
Tuesday 1 September 2015, 01:46:23
I'm not paying taxes, I don't have insurance or a passport or healthcare, Don't have a cell phone, car, or many other "necessities". Don't pay electric and am suing the STATE to get the $ I have paid into this farce of a government back. It's all easily done, Why aren't more people doing this? Fear I think. Everyone believes what they are told instead of stripping away at the lies to find the truth and as the saying goes- the truth will make everything free. Well ok that's not the saying, but it works also.
Tuesday 1 September 2015, 13:08:13
Congratulations, have found some freedom! Believe me...I would love to not be a slave. I'm starting with small goals, such as ridding myself of the addiction of Diet Coke...sounds silly, but it has successfully slaved me...and I am working on buying locally grown foods and resisting fast-food (such a trap). There are some things that I have to a cell phone because I am a flight nurse and travel and require it to give patient report and a safety tool to call 911. I also have a passport because I enjoy doing mission trips out of the country...etc. Thanks for your insight.
Tuesday 1 September 2015, 13:47:38
I think we all are doing what we can and have different requirements that need meeting. Everything we do to shift the paradigm is important, no matter how seemingly small. Best wishes on your journey!
Tuesday 1 September 2015, 14:01:43
Mark R
Amanda I want to learn so much from you about regaining sovereignty. I am into everything you are saying, just do not have all the details laid out as you seem to. I am a human creation of God and not a legal fiction or "strawman".
Tuesday 1 September 2015, 23:54:25
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