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Not watched this yet. But as one Youtube user commented [...]

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Not watched this yet. But as one Youtube user commented on, any one care to add up the F's. Don't you just love it. Will download and listen tomorrow.…
[deleted user]
David Icke actually once talked about the irony of the censorship of the F-word when meanwhile its morally alright for an insane leader to bomb a country of brown-faced people. I believe it was 'Remember Who You Are' right on page 1. 'However if you asked for a 'sandwiching fuck' you would be asked to leave the shop. People are so funny.'
Monday 1 August 2016, 00:59:21
[deleted user]
Richie Allen would like what Alex Collier said that, 'nothing suppresses spirituality more than poverty'.
Monday 1 August 2016, 01:00:27
[deleted user]
Our 'separatism' has evolved when money/materialism became even more of a religion now than it was back then, until it superseded the value of a person's character. 'Selfie' is an appropriate term because its a few letters away from 'selfish'. Pokemon-Go is just the latest of this metaphysical sewer covered in false wallpaper backing up until its overflowing the manhole:…

If we are still around 500 years from now and people aren't lobotomized slugs who bought the transhumanist lie, people will be looking back and thinking we were living in the dark ages.
Monday 1 August 2016, 01:13:10
What a laugh. Good old Richie. I loved it when he had a go at his neighbour and that Pokemon thing - pure classic.
Monday 1 August 2016, 16:28:12
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