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Hi Max After listening to your Surviving the Matrix show on [...]

Waratah West, New South Wales
via The Full Circle Project
Hi Max
After listening to your Surviving the Matrix show on you tube, Reflections on the Independent Media and Conspiracy Entertainment, I felt compelled to offer some comment and feedback to you.

I have followed your work since 2010, but more indepthly since about 2014. This most recent monologue from you is one of the most heartwrenching and emotive radio shows you have given and I want to thankyou for putting your heart and mind on your sleeve for your listeners. God knows we need it. We all need to take heed of what you are saying here.

I like you, beleive humanity on the precipice right now, though you refer to it as the ""knifes edge"". Humanity, every single one of us either awake or not awake yet, are on a teeters edge of being completely taken over by a global cabal of money hungry, slavemaster, New World Order control freaks where the only work to do will be for pittance slave type work where you will still even have to fight for your crumbs, and what you will be fighting for will be just to stay alive. Just like that portrayed in the movies Hunger Games and Divergent. Those two movies were a wake up call or they were a public notice. But they are profound real world films, that could easily come to fruition.

I don't want a world like this either for myself, or my children, or the people I love and care about. I do not want this for humanity at large either, but it is not for me to say what others want, and what sort of work they want to see. The recent Brexit vote in the UK and the aftermath of disdain and hatred spread all over the internet about how bad it will be for the UK, and how this spells out a horrible existence for the young adults and youth, shows me how still incredibly divided we are as a society, even on issues that are important and that have seemingly positive results like Brexit.

I heed what you said in your presentation about not blaming governments for everything. This is so true, and I have fallen into this trap many times myself. Because I either am frustrated at their obvious big brother tactics, laws, and ignorance and non-accountability, or because I have just wanted to lash out at something or someone.

A big, and perhaps more crucial and urgent reason for our worldy woes is ourselves. And this is why it is so damn easy to divide the human race into groups that can be more readily controlled.

But i say not to throw us into the abyss yet.

The reason we are so easily divided is because of our natural survival instinct, our desire and instinct to facilitate things in our life that will enable us and our families to survive financially, emotionally and physically. This is natural humanity and our natural humanness coming to the fore. The fundamental things humanity needs to survive are food, water, clothing, shelter, and an income, or a means of obtaining one. These are the core objectives of human kind, and we all find different ways and mechanisms to obtain these things. Unfortunately this simple human need to survive has been the exact weapon used against us as a species to enslave, divide and conquer us by the hidden hand. They had a knowledge of us eons ago and they have used it against us time and time again. They had a knowledge of our innate fear of lack, of our innate desire to protect our family, our innate desire to be self-sufficient and provide for ourselves and family, our innate desire to accumulate and hoard possessions, and unfortunately our innate desire for power over others. Money has thus become the delivery mechanism by which the hidden hand has engineered the relevant systems that foster and nurture all these human traits.

But we have not seen it coming. We have seen only the good we can get out of it, not the bad that manifests. We have seen that we can get nice homes, nice cars, have nice shopping centres with an abundance of beautiful stuff we dont need. We have seen images of beauty and desire on our TV Screens that we try and emulate. We have seen real life TV shows that make us want to have that. We have seen others with better homes and lives that we have and we have coveted that.

In all this though, we have definitely lost our way and as i said, we have not seen the bad shit coming, because we have been too interested in the good things life on the mouse wheel has to offer.

I and a few others close to me are doing what we can locally to raise awareness of some things but after listening to your broadcast I am going to change my approach to things are little.

So I just wanted to say thankyou for inspiring us all to take stock of our purpose, of our future, and of what we are buying into with the independent media, and thankyou for being brave enough to speak out about the truth and freedom movement through the independent media and all the infighting, all the pettiness and all the egos vying for their own little piece of history, which some of them are.

I pray we awakened ones can find some key common ground and purpose together. I pray that instead of looking over the edge of that precipice and being scared of the fall, that we can all stand at that edge together, hold each others hands, turn-around face our slavemasters head on, and without saying a word or raising an ounce of violence, we can push back against this horrendous and all pervasive system they have created for us, and that we have bought into unwittingly.

Cheers and thanks again Max

Craig Peter DG
Advocates for Social & Human Justice
Newcastle, NSW

[deleted user]
The so-called alternative had long become like the mainstream for a few years now, but has become noticeable worse this year. Except this is made worse by those who damaged by the post-awakening trauma who get fixated on false rabbit holes or rabbit holes that should be made less of a priority than solutions/remedies.

Thomas Sheridan correctly called the alternative as 'Sheeple 2.0'. I have grown largely disillusioned as a result and doing my own thing. Conspiracy stuff, yeah sounds interesting, but the system chugs on because the majority supporting it are too busy, too lazy or in the comfort zone to be bothered.

I myself have wondered if this species (as a whole) is worth saving when they are proud of their ugliness, their obsession with the religion of money and measuring the value of people by how much they make, their obsession with living without a care, the smartphone addiction. I would follow Dr Jim Willie's advice of letting them get their faces ripped off, their bank accounts 'bailed in' after years of having my intelligence insulted and being forced to put on the defensive.

We have indeed become used to having leaders telling us what to do. We have been trained by authority figures when we were younger to be spineless and grovel to authority and do as instructed.

Like Max I had been wondering if its all worth it.
Sunday 31 July 2016, 12:21:17
I totally hear you SOF and Max, and others. It does look depressing and can lead to frustration and despair..... but as Max would say, what if our perspective were to change dramatically and we had insights that gave us reason to see this situation very differently? What if in the BIG picture you could consider that all this needs to happen until our understanding of it shifts radically? What I mean to say here (briefly!) is could it be that all that is happening ('good' & 'bad') is 'act'ually perfect in that it is taking us beyond, way beyond, the current 'reality' and into a realm of our choosing. Now, that's the critical bit, is it not? in re-cognising in which realm we want to hang out for a while?? Anyhow, I might try and touch on this angle a little more in the Thursday hangout, or a specific hangout for the 'Wackey Ones'. DO come and join me or comment if you are interested to explore.... it just keeps unraveling!!!! and its DEFINITELY All worthwhile....
Monday 1 August 2016, 07:30:29
[deleted user]
Regardless of what 'realm' we can choose, the 'reality' we live in is the result of us inhabiting a physical vessel that interacts with this reality. Look up 'streetwise spirituality' lecture by Mark Passio. In the end the 3D world and what happens with us in it takes precedence over everything else including other realities that may exist.

Having listened to Max Igan's lectures for quite a while its apparent he is searching for a real actionable solution, but unable to figure it out. What he can say for certainty is what has not been working for the truth movement, such as infighting and false rabbit holes.

Admit it, we don't have a real plan. Deep down we don't want true individual anarchist (No Masters, No Rulers) freedom because we are a species that has undergone Cosmic Abandonment (similar to parental abandonment, which other than physical can also include emotional and psychological aspects) and therefore forever in search for some savior figure to magically take us away from our own mistakes, be it a political figure, Jesus, or some imagined benevolent ET race.

Anyway my timezone is +8 hrs GMT. I will attend if it isn't past my bedtime or falls within my off-work day.
Monday 1 August 2016, 14:46:19
Thanks for the considered comments SOF. I know and like Mark's work. And I also know Max and have had the privilege to work with him pretty extensively. He is a Truman (True Man) as opposed to a hue-man. However, in my own experience-and that of others I'm happy to say- our thoughts are more Powerful than we give them credit for, and the expanding extent of our 'Reality' is no false rabbit hole.... ask Alice when you next look in the mirror more seriously (but only slightly).... we dont need a 'real plan' if deep deep down we know who we really are (Max's repeated words) ...the plan needed is perhaps to help others recognise this. Then, everything changes in the blink of an eye. Hope to catch you at the hangout, but perhaps we can also hold another at a more convenient time for you, Vamos a ver
Monday 1 August 2016, 16:38:19
[deleted user]
I appreciate your kind words. The existence of other realms does spark my interest since listening to David Icke talking about the rest of the Universe that we can't see even with our EM spectrum. As well as the Electric Universe (like the Galaxy being one giant disc motor) David Icke's stuff on these topics is better than boring physics class.

I looked up BST and AEST and it appears the hangout will occur at 4 am, Friday, for Singapore time (which is 2 hours ahead of Australian Eastern Standard Time). I will sleep earlier on Thursday evening so I can make it.
Tuesday 2 August 2016, 00:57:16
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