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Wanted to share this list of existing organizations that I [...]

Lima, Ohio
via The Full Circle Project
Wanted to share this list of existing organizations that I have found to be useful in connecting with like-minded individuals here in the US. Most of these groups have local or even international chapters, events, forums, or maps of other members. I’m not saying I agree with or support everything these movements represent or endorse; however, I have met many open-minded, aware, and concerned individuals in all of these organizations.
Moms Across America ~
Americans Against Fracking ~…
Fluoride Action Network ~
Reverend Billy & the Stop Shopping Choir ~
Truckers Against Trafficking ~…
Food Not Bombs~…
Veterans For Peace ~…
Free Leonard Peltier ~
Boycott Divestment & Sanction (BDS) ~
Global Skywatch ~
Nurses/Doctors Against Mandatory Vaccinations~
Innocence Project ~
Take Back Your Power ~
Breast Cancer Action~
Grow Food Not Lawns ~
Invisible People ~…
Food Is Free Project ~
Little Free Library~
The Counted~…
Stamp Stampede ~
Slow Food USA ~…
Safer Chemicals Healthy Families~…
Expose the TPP~…
Millions Against Monsanto ~…
Iraq Veterans Against the War ~
End Food Waste ~
Brilliant Lolly- that's a great list and I'll get busy connecting on behalf of FCP Like you say, it doesn't matter so much about 'agreeing', but rather about connecting with folks who still CARE.
Saturday 30 July 2016, 15:43:18
yes! thanx lolly pop!
Saturday 30 July 2016, 16:01:28
I'm not a mommy : (
Tuesday 6 December 2016, 06:56:03
Hi TheDude- good to have you along. Are you sure ? You can always change you know, its quite the trendy thing to do these days..... 'seriously'... there's plenty for daddys to get busy with on these pages (including the momsacrossamerica) so don't let gender roles and wotnot stop ya! Peace, Lu
Tuesday 6 December 2016, 09:55:34
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