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Questions: Why was it called the Gold Age when Saturn was [...]

Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken
via The Full Circle Project
Why was it called the Gold Age when Saturn was the "sun" in the sky?
Was Saturn brighter than the Sun?
When was it approx?
If SS stands for "Schwarze Sonne", why would you worship something dark?…
Interesting that David uploaded this. Worth viewing but I feel like my brain has been Tango'd. Must be a good thing I suppose.
Friday 29 July 2016, 23:20:58
Great post! Love Davids work. This stuff is really getting deeper. David always mentions 2 films to watch - Matrix and They Live. They Live gives a basic look at how a frequency is broadcasted to interfere with our brain waves. Same as with saturn/moon matrix. Some researchers have captured a strange energy wave moving across the moon and uploaded vids. So sorry I really can't remember where these are but they are out there.
Sunday 31 July 2016, 09:14:38
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