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Just telling it how it is. Phillpots For God sake Express [...]

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Just telling it how it is.…

For God sake Express make your bloody mind up. Last week it was headlined a dismal summer coming. You are showing yourself to be a pathetic paper not giving its readers the real truth. Where are your real gutless journalists who can ask questions to the cows come home. Start with our corrupt so called government. If I didn't think you would moderate me I could give you plenty to go on.
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3 hours ago
Yes I saw that too. August was set to be cold, miserable and wet. Bit of a u-turn I think
"Global warming" is a hoax created by the secret rulers, according to Bill Cooper. (Behold the Pale Horse published around 1990).
Friday 29 July 2016, 20:09:13
Yep defo, chance for them to make more money, freak people out and control more stuff!!
David Icke covers this stuff too. The scientists that show data that the temp is going up are only using data from not long ago. If you go back further you just see its a cycle that goes from a mainly warm period to a cooler one. We are just heading up to a warmer time again. Everything is cycles xx
Sunday 31 July 2016, 09:19:03
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