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THURSDAY 4th AUGUST: Be welcome to join us in the [...]

Casares, Andalucía
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THURSDAY 4th AUGUST: Be welcome to join us in the FCP Hangout for free-range discussion and brainstorming session. We aim to make this a regular meeting space for all members to exchange and engage in live, respectful and exploratory debate. Watch this post for details of how to join us via google hangouts. Times PDT 13hrs/BST 21hrs/AEST 06hrs Fri. The sessions are live, but we will keep private status unless the topics covered are valuable to a wider audience. See you there! All suggestions welcome. We want to mix some free-range sessions with more focused hangouts with specific guests invited to help define the most effective steps we can take in our lives...stay tuned, and check out the symposium page to listen to the latest hangouts. In Lak'ech
Sunday 31 July 2016, 10:25:03
'Something' tells me this is going to be a Power Full meeting. Time is Ripe and we are Ready...... look forward to connecting here mañana (tomorrow)... and, NOW
Wednesday 3 August 2016, 11:37:55
Im not sure what time to attend this but I'd like to if I can make it.
Much love.
In Lak'ech
Wednesday 3 August 2016, 17:55:36
Hi Jason. Don't take my word for it, but looks like if you in Toronto would be 5pm/17hrs Thursday 4th. Do hope you can BE there, Ala K'in, Louise
Wednesday 3 August 2016, 18:47:49
Jason: I believe it will be at 4:00 pm Toronto time.

Here is an online Time zone converter site:…
Wednesday 3 August 2016, 19:29:39
thanks for the correction FF!!! My, how time flies (when you're having fun!!¡¡) 16hrs it is Jason...hope you can make it
Wednesday 3 August 2016, 22:31:15
So, when it comes to 'the crunch' nobody has any questions for us to chew over??¿¿ Plenty of comments/posts... how about a few more questions familia. Surely you have them. Or is Every Thing so obvious now the veil is thin? much love always.. just starting to 'kick-ass' a bit, now we have sooo MANY good folks with us. Blessings and hasta later, Lou
Thursday 4 August 2016, 10:11:10
[deleted user]
OK I have a question for the hang out. Are us on fcp aware of how thin the veil now seems to be and feeling like their not quite sure what dimension there living in at times? Or have i just lost the plot lol
Thursday 4 August 2016, 13:26:53
[deleted user]
I have suggestion. Doug has been online in the last week. Why don't Martin and I contact him and ask him if he is willing to help mat set up an alternative to google hang outs?
Thursday 4 August 2016, 13:36:26
Doug's gone walkabouts - I haven't spoken with him since April. I don't think there is an alternative for a group hangout without running Linux - I just tried to help a relatively new FCP member (running Windows) to get Ring to work - nope . Everything else that will do groups , costs money or (for some suspicious reason) is free (just like Google Hangouts) because they love us sooooo much . I'm sure reading the Terms of Service Agreement ( in the small print on page 10) would show the truth of their business plan. If they're not getting the money from you - then you must be supplying them with something they can sell - corporations don't do ANYTHING for nothing !

As for a question for the hangout - How about - Who's going to win the Stanley Cup this year?
Thursday 4 August 2016, 16:42:49
Stanley, obviously FF doesn't he have it all year, every year?¿ Amd YES Carla,,, lets talk about lifting the veil.. among Other Things <3

Thursday 4 August 2016, 20:16:34
Thursday 4 August 2016, 20:52:30
those that have a google account please click this link and follow instructions ...see you there
Thursday 4 August 2016, 20:53:25
Big Thanks to those who managed to join us (even making the effort to get up at 4am!) we had a very insightful conversation around the situation in Singapore- first hand news... highlighted The Freedom Cells discussion with Derrick Broze…
Thursday 4 August 2016, 22:56:59
sorry its got my mug on, but DO consider using these approaches in your FCP groups as they are practical, necessary and fun. Many groups are looking for a bit of structure and clear objectives. This will get you going!
Thursday 4 August 2016, 22:59:07
I count myself among those you speak of as looking for structure and clear objectives beyond the discussion level which is important as an antecedent to joining others in actions that lead to mutual support outside the control system.
Friday 5 August 2016, 03:47:44
Good stance Alain. How do you find the ideas touched on above with Derrick? Or are you looking for a more direct approach/attack/spotlight on specific system 'bugs' like banking/government or the ill-legal system? The more specific YOU can be, the more i can geta hold of folks to get their advice etc. THANKS .
Friday 5 August 2016, 15:12:01
NEXT HANGOUT THURSDAY 11th AUGUST PDT 13hrs/BST 21hrs/AEST 06hrs Fri unless changed by 'popular request'!! For those wanting to have the suggested focus on Kambo, Rapé and dimensional changes etc... we can meet up in the hangout anytime you like to see and discuss these Medicines. so exceptionally helpFULL in these times. Please pm me or leave a message here as to when this can take place. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin (for All Our Relations )
Friday 5 August 2016, 15:30:48
For those struggling to find their way to the hangout...We currently have the hangout info pinned as a top post to the main wall of the 'collaborate' page. We can only put up the link to the google hangout about 15 MINS BEFORE the hour as stated in the post. Then, just click on the link (you need a google account- lots of people wont use this and we ARE looking for a decent alternative) then follow simple instructions to join us in the 'lounge'. We are a REALLY nice bunch of people and don't bite. Much! I have threatened to get my whip out occasionally and kick some ass there, you have been warned
Friday 5 August 2016, 15:32:48
Derrick is on to a workable transition that allows people to bridge across the directed instability of a system that seeks to maintain itself by continued dependency and belief patterns that blind them to recognition of what the system actually is. Its bit like horse blinkers placed over their perception to highly limited its ability to see in 360 view of the field surrounding it. I am also in accord with what Max Igan has identified as full spectrum dominance of the human domain. Seems like a shock is needed or intensification of suffering is needed for the trance to be broken and some introspection for the situation to be seen. It takes just a small crack for the light to enter in. This website is one avenue. I am reminded that at least 2 billion humans are not connected to this information and likely do not grok the magnitude of what we are facing as a collective consciousness.
Friday 5 August 2016, 16:50:51
Yes Alain. Hence we hatched the Full Spectrum Response to the Full Spectrum Dominance I outlined on the FSR page here on the main site There are plenty of cracks, and MUCH is seeping (even flooding!) thru. No Fear..... the 'Piercing' is Here (at least, in my view )
Friday 5 August 2016, 16:54:08
As the Margaret Mead quote goes, It only requires a small group of dedicated individuals to change the course of history. Indeed it always has. I think the 911 event had an inverse affect to the intended purpose of the controllers. It did awaken a lot of people to begin questioning. Order out of Chaos is their modus operando, where they plant their inteneded pattern while the affects of shock are still functioning. We can use their method to plant our own seeds for our benefit instead of theirs. At the individual level we can be the change we want to see and begin living it as if were already true.
Friday 5 August 2016, 17:21:59
Yes totally. And many seeds previously planted are now flowering, are they not? The "Seed of Life" as it is more correctly known, is now in the process of bursting into the "Flower of Life".
Friday 5 August 2016, 18:27:41
Yes my sister. It is wonderful that we are here together to co-create the new consciousness whose time has come of age. Its a turning of the great wheel of time. The Tibetans call it the Kalachakra initiation. I have followed the work of Drunvalu Melchezedic. He was instrumental in main streaming the Flower of Life /Seed of life and showed how it was found in temples spread around the globe. In one case it was flash burned into a block of stone. We are remembering who we are. Amazing revelations await.
Friday 5 August 2016, 19:53:30
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