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Hi, exciting times... Perhaps a weekend think tank to generate [...]

Midrand, Gauteng
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Hi, exciting times... Perhaps a weekend think tank to generate some ideas on how to accelerate the growth of the contributionism message would be great; we all trek to Waterval Boven and combine some ideas! How to outshine the other political parties - the DA has that opportunity but is not using it... rapid growth is needed to wake the public up from their zombie state, thinking life is how it is and so it is a struggle and so you die thankless. Remember we need numbers in support but one only has to convert the able - only 2.5% of all people are destructive and another 20% fall under their control and are useless to us. There is only 103,000 individuals in SA paying more then 26% tax... the game is on!!
Hi Thys

I like your idea and want to submit the following proposal.

I have shown the basic Ubuntu philosophy and plan of action to a few people across the political spectrum in South Africa, and it seems to resonate with most them. A common obstacle to them however is that they do not have a "podium" to speak to other people, nor do they have the tools or knowledge to carry the message forward to their communities. Even if they had a "podium" and the opportunity, most people will find it daunting to speak in public, especially with all the intimidation by the major political parties and other activists.

There is a simple solution.

Enable people to tell other people with a simple copy and paste solution. People don't mind telling their families and friends, but they don't know what to tell other people. The solution is a viral media campaign that will enable anybody to either copy and paste, or just to forward a message via WhatsApp, email and social media.

The beauty of such a viral media campaign, is that it does not cost anything, nobody can stop it, and anybody can do it. That is why Multilevel Marketers use the same concept. The ideal would be to plan, split test and refine such a campaign, however with the limited time before the elections in South Africa, it is out of the question.

So here is my "copy and paste" proposal below the line, which can be copied to WhatsApp messages, social media and emails. Obviously the message can be adapted to incorporate personal preferences, but I recommend using the same videos as it had the most impact on people during my initial trial runs. I also recommend moving the first video to the last position when forwarding the message to people with a limited internet data connection.

Dear Friend

I recently saw a few videos that caught my attention, and I would like to encourage you to watch them before the elections in South Africa.

I wish I had this information a long time ago, as we are being lied to by politicians and bankers, who prefer to keep us uninformed and as slaves to their political and financial systems.

We all know the pain of serious issues like unemployment, poverty, poor service delivery, education, crime and many other ills in the society we live in. The good news is that there are real and practical solutions overcome these issues.

Just watch the following videos:

The Lie We Live -
World View -
Free from Enslavement -

This is a solution where people help each other, and where communities govern themselves instead of trusting politicians to do things for them. If you want to learn more or have any questions, do the following now:

1. Register at Ubuntu Planet -
2. Register at Ubuntu Party -

Ubuntu Planet is very similar to Facebook and other social networks where you can connect with other people in your community, who will gladly help you if you have any questions.

If you like the contributionism idea where people govern and uplift their own communities, then please forward this message NOW to three or more of your friends.

Forwarding this message is how everybody start the path to their own freedom by contributing to the community.

I am looking forward to see you and work with you in our community.

Best regards
Your Friend.
Saturday 30 July 2016, 06:41:10
Deleted User
Saturday 30 July 2016, 09:50:07
Mr Wise
Nice one
Wednesday 3 August 2016, 19:37:34
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