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There is a good chance your web site is being [...]

Torrens Island, South Australia
via The Full Circle Project
There is a good chance your web site is being blocked to most of the world, but everything still looks normal to you because the zio clan is generating fake hits to your web site at totally normal historic levels from a massive IP list while blocking real readers from ever seeing your web site. You won't be notified because your mails are censored and everyone in your circle of acquaintance that you might call or message (to have them check your web site) will be allowed to access it as normal. The NSA can track you, either via plane ticket records, where your cell phone is, where your car's ECM is, and make your web site work perfect wherever you go as well to deny you any proof that you have been wiped out. THIS IS ALL REAL, IN THIS CASE DISBELIEF AND SILENCE ARE AS GOOD AS A BULLET IN YOUR HEAD.
How can you say that? People join everyday just like you did.....i did a Google search, it came right up..Blocked? How??..
Saturday 29 August 2015, 15:17:11
I'm glad you asked! TFCP in reality is just another form of social media like Faceplant, Twatter etc. It is beneficial to intelligence organisations because unlike Faceplant & Twatter the same consciencious kind of folk are all attracted to gather here. All the hippies and disenters around the world in one tight neat convieniant package, all voluntarily giving up their physical locations and encouraging random people they do not know to meet up with in their local communities, build up a bit of trust and than set you up for the fail or disappear. But if you run a web site that questions the official narrative of the powers that be, pinpoints who the perps are that cause all this death and destruction around the world, than the above quote is what occurs. Have a nice day...
Sunday 30 August 2015, 00:16:12
I am just a simple guy trying to enjoy his life and doing a pretty good job of it thus far...Please dumb this down for me a bit, are the creators of this site the good guys, or the bad guys, thanks...and please explain how the site is BLOCKED. and again, please dumb it down with specifics, ....
Sunday 30 August 2015, 01:27:29
This site inparticular is not blocked because it is beneficial... As for the creators of this site. Well 1. I respect Max Igan. I think anyone putting themselves out there into the world the way he does is absolutly great. Does he have a hidden genda though? 2. Like any new idea on the web if it takes off and a big company like Google likes it and wants to own it than ol Max and his designers are goin to be very rich. Good on them too if that happens. So how do they block and censor sites? Each time you install updates to your computer through Microsoft or Apple means bye bye to peices of information or websites you once unknowingly had access to. Those who had prior access to these websites will think everything is normal and as usual but to those outside your circles will never know it exists because Google search engines block results to everything that goes against the status quo. I hope that is simple enough for you. Last but not least it brings me to the question as to why I have attempted on multiple occasions to email Max on his site over the years and have never had a reply. That's because they provide him enough traffic to think everything is normal, with just a few new onesthrown into make it look all real but those who really have important knowledge to share are filtered out. That is probably why you are the only one chatting with me now, so are you the good guy or the bad?
Sunday 30 August 2015, 04:57:33
The good TY...
Sunday 30 August 2015, 08:07:01
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