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There is an important event on this weekend in Adelaide [...]


via Ubuntu - Australia
There is an important event on this weekend in Adelaide addressing the ancestry and cultural rights of the Ramindjeri peoples of Kangaroo Island.

As a representative of Ubuntu I will be attending to witness the Story of the Land and the Indigenous peoples and stand in solidarity with my friends Steven and Evan William Strong and the Ramindjeri peoples in acknowledgement that all people have a right to their ancestral land, to be able to preserve their language and culture for posterity. To bridge the cultural divide of the past and hold a space for future opening of collaboration, co-creation and unity. To weave their story into the Ubuntu Anthology Down Under.
There will also be a presentation regarding the Forgotten Origins of Humanity and an opportunity to view in excess of 200 mysterious marked rocks, one of which I found outback last year. See Steven and Evan's website and rocks here -…

Please join us if you are able.…

If this resonates with you please sign the petition here.…

Talk Outline:
* Covers three parts with a break in the middle
* Ramindjeri speakers outlying the issues and events leading up to the closure of the Cultural Centre
* Brief 10 minutes on latest science proving Original people are the first Homo sapiens sapiens.
* Discuss the archaeology, history and discoveries made, that directly involve Karno and his legacy.
* Discuss the Standing Stones site, beginning with the note Karno sent me of a diagram he did using ancient symbols.
* We will spend somewhere around an hour introducing some of 200 the rocks we will have on display at the event.

Hope to meet you there.

We are because of you.

Louise Clarke
Hi Louise, Hope all is well. I have been informed you are visiting Byron Bay next month. I am working on an Eco Village project and would love to opportunity to meet and chat if you have the time. I have worked and spent time with Michael T on his last visit. We share many commonalities. You can review our website at Thanks for your time.
Wednesday 27 July 2016, 06:56:47
Thank you Louise, I have signed & shared the petition
Friday 29 July 2016, 01:31:22
Louise Clarke
Hi Nomad, fantastic and thanks for reaching out! Please connect with me on my email that we may better coordinate meeting and would love to see your project on site if possible! Looking forward!
Friday 29 July 2016, 06:08:36
Louise Clarke
Thanks for sharing Ricko! <3
Friday 29 July 2016, 06:08:59
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