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I'm not buying it. Ubuntu is like many or all [...]

Hampton, New Hampshire
via Ubuntu Planet
I'm not buying it. Ubuntu is like many or all before it. How much philosophy can we fashion into a world organized into compartments at odds with the others? How do we sense an awakening among the people when the awakened ones share the same awakened ideals while various awakenings continue to take shape even in opposition or affirmation of others? How much ideology can we throw at the world stage and call it a worthy performance? Please consider unraveling all of your expectations, questioning more than everything, and aligning your spirit with the unknown because it just might be all that is known, understood and REAL will soon collapse upon itself in it's own "intelligent" energy... of sorts perhaps.
[deleted user] you thought you knew man, but you didn't, man.
Wednesday 27 July 2016, 03:09:22
Jack Daniel
You receive what you believe...
Monday 1 August 2016, 22:00:58
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