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Eco-Solutionaries Radio is part of an Expanding Network For [...]

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Eco-Solutionaries Radio is part of an Expanding Network For Pioneers and Visionaries, initiating Social and Environmental Change involves networking and communication to initiate collaborative change. This group is for posting solutions to Environmental and Health problems.

This group is growing especially on the Full Circle Project and on Facebook (see below links), now its time for the Ecosolutionaries Radio to start facilitating a larger community of Eco-Solutionaries. Welcome to the first Episode, Thank you for being a part of this amazing project

A platform for Eco-Solutionaries seeking to implement
their Pioneering Solutions for Global Communication and Collaborative Social Change.

Eco Solutionaries on The Full Circle Project


FB Group…

Please join the Eco-Solutionaries Forum, its free and will be evolving and changing from a basic networking platform to something that can invoke social and environmental change in local communities as well as globally to share concepts, ideas and solutions to the current crisis.…
Have You heard of the new social system that will free us from wage slavery?
Tuesday 19 March 2019, 12:44:44
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