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Mount Nelson, Tasmania
via The Full Circle Project
Hi Alex- thanks for this. Whats your take? Not sure its 'for real' ; check out the 'main site' at where it talks about 'Victory of the Light' and a 'New Society'... these spell-ings always gives me the creeps.. Will keep reading just to get feel for things- I'm all for the 'preparation' and overthrowing 'the Cabal 'etc- but leadership from the 'The Planetary Leadership Group' who say "justice will arrive in a flash"? Well.... you never know. Interested to hear your thoughts A-maybe you've looked further into it ...cheers my friend
Friday 28 August 2015, 08:58:04
Also, everything on this website and the prepare for change site about all of this is back in 2012 and we're still in the same but much worse boat. Also, I know that ETs are not going to come to "save" us, as we each have the innate abilities to save ourselves. They will not
do this until the majority of us are fully ready to receive and ASK for their ASSISTANCE, as they cannot act against/ interfere with our free will.
Friday 28 August 2015, 11:45:46
Alex D
Valid and welcome observations. I am putting it out there more as a potential resource for us/people to contemplate regarding inevitable changes that are happening to communities around the world. Regardless of what appears to be happening or -is- happening it is helpful to expand our sense of the possible and be ready to respond positively to circumstances. If someone out there has taken the time to present potential circumstances and possible solutions as a result of factors reported by multiple alternative sources (we are awash with this) it can be considered.
Sunday 30 August 2015, 05:14:03
Alex D
I listen to Cobra --… -- because it may be true. I listen to Simon Parks --…-- because he may be right. I listen to Alexandra Meadors --…-- because she may be correct. I listen to David Wilcock and Corey Goode for the same reasons --…--. I listen to Max Igan --…-- and David Icke -- because they may also be spot on regarding world events and how it relates to us.
Sunday 30 August 2015, 05:20:45
Alex D
This is something I feel to put out there so other people who may benefit from this can have access if this information is unknown.
Sunday 30 August 2015, 05:22:30
Alex D
Simon Parkes is particularly interesting and some of his information has been mirrored by a young child in Australia, discovered by the courageous Mary Rodwell. Simon insists that we are heading for a spiritual change so profound it is almost imaginable. He also suggest that we form strong community networks and prepare to be a bit self sufficient in the event that the grid's go down. PFC is not perfect but it has made quite an effort for no financial gain and the basic principles apply.
Sunday 30 August 2015, 05:25:45
Alex D
Former independent South Australian senator Anne Bressington describes a role she claims to have and awareness of intel that corresponds to that presented by PFC here --…-- and part 2 here --…--
Sunday 30 August 2015, 05:28:19
Alex D
Anne is interviewed by Rob Potter, a man who was part of setting up PFC as a resource to help all of us. Rob Operates on a shoestring and I feel that he is sincere.
Sunday 30 August 2015, 05:29:30
Sunday 30 August 2015, 05:30:08
Alex D
If you have the time to listen to Rob and read up on him you can decide for yourself :-)
Sunday 30 August 2015, 05:30:33
Alex D
Thanks for the comments :-)
Sunday 30 August 2015, 05:30:49
I've been following many of these as well but something doesn't sit well with me in the original information you presented. I believe much of that would be still be due to lower vibrational entities.. Of course the only way that could work, is if these entities are awakening and wanting to change things within the system they have been mind controlled. I think this is a lot of what is happening and why we keep seeing all these supposed "suicides" with those in the banking sector and elsewhere.
Sunday 30 August 2015, 20:35:04
Hi Alex, I live in your area and am interested to catch up. Cheers :)

Monday 31 August 2015, 07:50:20
Alex D
Kya, simply sharing resources. If it does not resonate with you then thanks for the feedback :-)
Monday 31 August 2015, 13:44:29
Alex D
Gem, thanks for the reply, will get in touch.
Monday 31 August 2015, 13:44:59
Alex D
Gem, I sent you a message :-)
Tuesday 1 September 2015, 13:00:09
So sorry Alex, I forgot my password and then offline for a bit. How are you doing?
Thursday 17 September 2015, 08:41:22
Alex D
I'm doing great :-)
Thursday 17 September 2015, 09:41:57
Alex, our girls are friends...Celeste and Yasmin!!
Monday 21 September 2015, 08:34:21
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