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Kintnersville, Pennsylvania
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this is a newer version of the Tesla coil that drawls electrostatic energy. put through a transformer produces ac electromagnetic energy. that is why you see so many transformers on the telephone polls and why wires are spun to centrifuge static electricity.
Saturday 23 July 2016, 15:44:24
"good", when we look at the "constant" of gravity, we find it is not "constant", but fluctuates slightly. This would be in line with electromagnetic phenomena. So, what your are saying is, "spin wires, hook up correctly, give it a gentle push, and the thing will keep spinning, because it is making use of the surrounding static electricity". Is that pretty close?
Saturday 23 July 2016, 17:14:13
not even close! static electric can be drawn from all around. personally, i can see you not understanding many of my examples which makes me wonder what is your understanding. try to see life all around you, where is it coming from and what gives it life? close your eyes, do you see darkness or do you see light? light surrounds me! static surrounds all of us and is the basis for life. static is a frequency, now WAKE-UP!
Saturday 23 July 2016, 19:42:51
hm, not even close. well, at least now I know that much. sigh. back to the drawing board...
Saturday 23 July 2016, 21:16:12
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