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Hi my name is Jason and I am new to [...]

Tyldesley, Greater Manchester
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Hi my name is Jason and I am new to Ubuntu and wanted to say a few words about myself.
I am 45 yrs old, atheist, Englishman who believes in the power of humanity over any god.
I have been suffering from severe depression for over 7yrs.
This has affected my home, social and work life and left me with few friends, resentful family members and no job.
I could write a list of things that started me on this dark, lonely road, but the truth is only one thing that allowed this depression to take hold and that is ME.
Now I look at my depression as a state of introspection where I theorise and analyse what is bothering me and how to deal with it.
No I don't always find answers and I'm sure there are no definitive solutions to some of the problems I deliberate, but understanding this process really helps pull me out of it.
Talking to loved ones is of paramount importance too as they need to understand, somewhat, where you are at.
Anyway, I am now socially and politically active and look forward to make new friends like minded or not, as we must all live together.
Deleted User
Welcome to UBUNTU
Friday 22 July 2016, 22:19:02
Jason S
Hi Janet. Thankyou 😁
Saturday 23 July 2016, 00:57:48
Hey, Jason S. Thanks for sharing. You state here that you are an atheist. Do you mind saying if you started out that way? Or perhaps the Bible stories made no sense...
Wednesday 27 July 2016, 02:06:55
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