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Hi Everyone! Sorry I missed out on the [...]

Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Hi Everyone! Sorry I missed out on the last meet up (work's been kicking me hard core all month) I should be able to make the next one, if anyone is so inclined, I *might* need a ride though I may just grab an Uber or something. Anyway, I wanted to ask you all if anyone has looked into this new cell phone network thing Ubuntu is a part of now? I've been pondering jumping on board with it and was curious what the other local people thought of it. Any thoughts?
no more smart phones or we will never connect with our psyche.
Saturday 23 July 2016, 03:09:57
Robert thanks for posting! I'll be happy to give you a ride - you don't have to Uber. You won't regret coming to this meeting - the people in our group are really encouraging. Send me your email address in a private chat and we can discuss further. Thanks, Trygve
Monday 25 July 2016, 18:20:35
Robert - if you ever need a ride, just email me. Apparently you are only 2 miles away.
Friday 16 September 2016, 04:40:08
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