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Hello fellow Scottish dwellers- I am in fact an [...]

Balfron, Stirling
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Hello fellow Scottish dwellers- I am in fact an alien!! As I don't have these wonderful skills to communicate with want one cannot see, hear, smell, taste or touch. What I do have is a deep need to make my world a place for peace unity and community. So if you have read Michael's work..... you have found the guy that is prepared to shovel the shit! I have had a wonderful life (both with money and without) but my inner self and outer cries on a daily basis at all the injustice and hatred that the mainstream invokes on its fellow human form. .......So where am I coming from? Well somehow I knew that Michael was right when I realised that as a child me and my friends (Becki, Lucas, Shorty, Sandy, Herby , Mark, Andrie to name a few) used to play in some of the stone circles of Southern Africa. The very circles our public school education taught us were just cattle kraal! .....So I am up for starting Ubuntu Contributionism in Scotland as a realistic platform to duplicate "One small town" in this beautiful place called the land of the scots.
In Love, Light, Unity and Peace
Alastair Crew (
Tuesday 13 December 2016, 17:45:28
I got an error when I clicked onto the 2017 event information. I've just joined and am based in Fife. How do I go about learning more about where things are in Scotland's Ubuntu growth?
Wednesday 20 September 2017, 23:26:12
Bob fae Fife
Hi Christina did you manage to get any more information? I have been wondering what we can do about the state of the world and how to object to what is happening. I am of the impression that our silence gives the powers that be our consent.
Sunday 14 July 2019, 14:55:41
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