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I'm having problems with synchronising to a 24h day cycle. [...]

Christchurch, Canterbury
via The Full Circle Project
I'm having problems with synchronising to a 24h day cycle. I had that since I remember. It was annoying I needed to sleep where I wanted to continue whatever I was doing. I never could understand how someone can fall asleep while reading a book or listening to the music? I would just read a book whole night and don't sleep at all.
When I was a little older and didn't had any commitments I plaid games all the time and I was going to sleep when I was actually tired and needed to get some sleep - then I noticed my body clock goes way over 24h and goes closer to 30 or maybe even more. It is very annoying as our life and commitments require following the 24h cycle, but what to do when I go to sleep but I don't fee tired at all? My 'workaround' is a constant sleep depravation state... I sleep 5-6h a day, then after 2-3 days I can fall asleep at any time. But that has many side effects... Health, lack of focus, anger, etc.
Is my soul from another planet?
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