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My view on the terms of surrender [...]

Salford, Greater Manchester
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My view on the terms of surrender…
No words! It is Perfect!
Friday 22 July 2016, 00:32:39
Friday 22 July 2016, 00:33:08
[deleted user]
Entirely, completely, utterly resonate and perfect. Thank you forever for sharing this Brother I am moved and uplifted through you tonight.
Friday 22 July 2016, 03:28:21
Friday 22 July 2016, 07:13:00
Hopefully some of the elite/cabal/illuminati will accept the current terms of surrender and maybe even lead others in their circles to surrender as well.
Saturday 23 July 2016, 03:37:42
check out my post on the public forum, leave your mark and and spread the word...kind of a big deal
Friday 19 August 2016, 08:58:09
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