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iv just been catching up on a few posts, its [...]

Clifton, Greater Manchester
via The Full Circle Project
iv just been catching up on a few posts, its good to see more people joining , iv had a good and busy week, iv now got my greenhouse built and tomatoes, cucamelons and peppers doing very well. i have been growing my own food for 2 years now and learning all the time I would like to be self sufficient in my small garden and always looking for ways to grow vertical as well as on the ground. If anyone else is doing similar and has any tips it would be good to learn more.
Mat Dowle
I think growing our own food is such an important solution. With the circles facility that is soon to be launched on this site, there will certainly be a focused circle on growing. I'm planning an aquaponics project so I'll also be looking for tips here.
Wednesday 26 August 2015, 19:14:26
that would be great Mat , i think food is one of the most important factors of keeping a sane head in all of this and thanks for all your hard work already helping to
get this site off the ground.
Wednesday 26 August 2015, 19:17:41
Shout me up if/when you undertake this project mat, I'll be happy to share my experience with Aquaponics. Amazing to see so many folk taking back their responsibility for life and survival. Every independent souls is another nail in the corrupt-state's coffin
Wednesday 26 August 2015, 20:47:47
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