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Dear fellow Light Beings, Please note: Meetings are currently being [...]

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Dear fellow Light Beings,

Please note: Meetings are currently being held every week.

We are having a FOCUSED PFC Meet-up this Sunday, July 24th from 2:30pm to 5:30pm.
Please let us know if you are interested in attending so we can provide you with the venue location.

Welcome to our new attendees: John, Cindy and Lucy.
We had a great turn-out, and in addition three new attendees at the last meetup, we certainly didn’t expect that despite the very short notice. It just goes to show that when the energies are right everything comes to fruition. Since we had such a great turn-out we would like to piggyback off these energies and continue the momentum.

As for the agenda, we have done some research and come up with some new ideas and initiatives to further our actions towards spreading awareness in our ‘neck of the woods’.
We have started thinking about a signature that we all can use in our communications with other people (if you feel comfortable). This signature includes links, hashtags, and a brief description to get people interested in our take on what’s really going on.

We would like to create a landing page on a specific domain name that is easy to use and remember, which includes information that is presented in such a way that it doesn’t overwhelm people who are new to the subject. For example we have heard many times from different people that is a website that causes a lot of confusion and overwhelms the “unsuspecting” visitor. We believe that we will better be able to reach people by adding a few more stepping stones to make it easier for people to grasp the vastness of what is about to occur around the world.

More information is available for those who are interested in joining.

All of these can and will also be talked about in our next meet-up but we would greatly appreciate you spending some time thinking about the above items.
Below are the points that we have in mind for our next meeting.

Meeting Agenda:

Please feel free to make your way down to the front counter of the cafe if you have not already done so, to purchase food/beverage if you like, in support of the community space which allows the space to remain free to the community. (No food/drinks allowed from outside as the fair trade cafe is the revenue generator that supports the free community space, free workshops, free resources and social justice initiatives)
Group Guided EVENT Meditations (30 min.) at 3pm

Event Preparation - Primary task for us to act on.
* 1.
Have we each set up the emails and or hard copies of the CLB (Community Leader's Brief)…
to Local Police & Fire, Local Mayor, and/or City Councillors, Local Utility Administrators, Local Food Store Managers, Local School Officials, Local Employers? There is also an open letter you can use to send to Corporate executives… .
* 2.
Any member(s) in the group wanting to Data Mine for emails and contact information on our work in progress document file? Our focus is on the Downtown Toronto area as it is our expectation and directive to ensure that this information gets disseminated throughout all regions of Ontario which is also on their Emergency Preparedness Plans to propagate info such as this that is pertinent to the situation. Please see Google Docs document file…
or join our GoogleGroups - PFC Toronto & Surrounding Areas which all of you on this list have received an invitation to. Please direct this work over to me and we will update this document file. Suggested using MailChimp a web-based email marketing service to improve deliver-ability and minimize our emails seen as spam. MailChimp has a Free Version which adequately serves our needs…
* 3.
Group decision at the last meeting for all of us to make 20 hard copies each of the CLB (Community Leaders Brief) and each put into a large envelopes.
* 4.
Viral Project for the event… of flyers (we are currently redoing the sentence structure and design on this flyer) and videos to share the core critical information for the Event quickly. The purpose here is to share them everywhere at the time of the event:
By email to all your contacts and on social media, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can use hashtags like #‎prepareforchange‬ ‪#‎prep4change‬ ‪#‎prepare4change‬ ‪#TheEvent #FinancialReset #BanksClosed #MassArrests #Disclosure #Truth #GoldenAge etc
Flyers can also be printed, given out and placed in local shops and other public places.
They can also be shared before the Event to get the message out and to make sure everybody has them handy for when the time comes.

Discuss T-shirts costs and design ( & , etc )
Discuss landing page, domain name, signature and hashtag
Discuss invitation card, flyer etc and costs
Discuss transmitter radios costs

Media Script - how to soften the pitch
Original version link:…
Softened version: “A big shift in the financial world is happening right now to bring about a new and fair financial system with far reaching effects. This is not a coup. This is not martial law. Nobody is taking charge of the country. Lawful arrests are taking place and a vast amount of proof is available to justify these arrests which will be presented to you. A true democratic process is being initiated and new elections will be held as soon as possible. Your money has not disappeared. The financial system has been so corrupted by criminals that the whole computer system it is based on needs to be restarted in order to delete unfair and illegal financial programs, as well as to re-distribute stolen money to the people it belongs to. This stolen money belongs to every human being on Earth, and has been stolen from you through taxes and other means throughout centuries, and it will be re-distributed to every human being on Earth as soon as the financial system re-opens in a short amount of time. No law of any kind is going to be imposed on you. Your destiny is in your hands through true democratic process. We need your help, every one of you, to ensure peace, and that everyone is taken care of and supported during this time of transition.”
Attractions for us to disseminate our message: city pass - toronto library has their own free version with a valid adult Toronto Public Library card…
Designated meeting venues

If time allows we can cover these as well:

Choose first and/or next external initiative such as riding on the TTC , checking out and visiting the municipal, provincial and federal government buildings to familiarize ourselves and doing a meditation there, going to Casa Loma and doing a gridwork meditation there (…), going to Yonge-Dundas Square and doing something there, going to a secluded place in nature or indoors and talk about emotions and life difficulties and solutions, bring instruments to the beach and play and sing together, etc.
Get involved with volunteer organizations like soup kitchens e.g. Food Forward for the benefit of giving and receiving helping hands and spreading awareness
Publication of audio files / podcast / youtube video
Role play like a fire drill on several scenarios of how the event might happen - How do we respond as a group?
2 minute elevator speech / script of what PFC is all about - dialogue and or response when out and about

Next Meeting for Thursday July 28 and probable venue.

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday July 24th from 2:30pm to 5:30pm

Please let us know if you are planning to come, so we know who to expect and when to start the meeting.

Thank you kindred souls,

Ana & Edwin

Let’s come TOGETHER and COMBINE our efforts!
Join us NOW in our weekly GUIDED GLOBAL MEDITATION to Speed Up the transformation of this WORLD.
Please join us every Sunday at:
– 2pm for the Emergency Europe/Syria Meditation
– 3 pm for the Event Speed-Up Meditation, immediately followed by the Liberation Movement’s Weekly Meditation
Web location:…
Skype channel web link:…

Saturday 20 August 2016, 23:35:18
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