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Greetings from Spain everyone. I left America in 1987 and [...]

Alhaurín de la Torre, Andalucía
via The Full Circle Project
Greetings from Spain everyone. I left America in 1987 and moved to Europe because I had enough of being sick and tired of being sick and tired of the status quo there. Now that the E.U. is firmly under the umbrella of the I.M.F. has taken charge here, I see the same thing happening in Europe that distorted and deteriorated America too. I am seriously considering moving to South America now and would appreciate some direction if anyone has any input. Thanks in advance.
Hi g-man, i dont think moving is the option to be honest. sooner or later where ever you move to it will be the same. The thing is to stay put and fight your corner from where you are. everyone has a different opinion of what that means. To me im aiming to be self sufficient in small garden and then hoping to help others do the same. it keeps money out of the supermarket and the pockets of the so called powers that be. Also it ensures you and your family are as GM free as possible. I watched the video `What in the World are they spraying` and there are areas being contaminated with chem trails that are wonderful areas of nature and also other videos on you-tube show hawaii, africa and other out of the way places that are contaminated and under threat of drought. We need to figure out how to live where we are and make that place better rather than moving.
Wednesday 26 August 2015, 19:09:28
point taken g-man, im in the uk and not very well travelled im afraid..Sorry to hear about your trees and unemployment, hope you find somewhere to relocate and good luck to you all. The scary thing is,,and sad thing too , is
that the better places or less polluted and poisoned places are getting fewer and fewer.
Wednesday 26 August 2015, 22:51:42
I share your sentiment Sue as I been there done that for over 2 decades here. Unfortunately, my avocado, citrus and nut trees etc. are now dying from all the sky spraying regularly. None of my 3 children can find jobs for years as the unemployment rate is over 60% for them and they want out too. I`ve been fighting the powers that be since the fake Vietnam war and still am but being in my mid 60's forces me to make relocating the only practical option left at my age. I was hoping someone could recommend a place in S. America where living organically is still a way of life without big business and war refugees taken over the place. My home schooling blog will explain my sentiment more if you care to know.…
Wednesday 26 August 2015, 23:03:07
Hi g-man, sorry to hear about your latest woes. Hang in there buddy, not long to go now before some major transformations will take place.
Wednesday 26 August 2015, 23:03:43
I would have to agree with Sue's advice btw.
Wednesday 26 August 2015, 23:05:03
Mark R
I am sending the love to you from across the world. We have a good mix here and it is growing.
Wednesday 26 August 2015, 23:50:45
Hola g-man. I'm based near to the village of Casares in Malaga province- anywhere near to you? Would be great to share some views etc. I currently coordinate the FCP from here and we have a steady-growing active community growing around us. Its the first time I'm really seeing determined action in all the years I've been here and find this sooo encouraging as time is ripe.
Wednesday 26 August 2015, 23:55:02
I've also spent some time in Brazil and in Peru and lived for a year in Costa Rica. Now back 'Full Circle' to Spain. Could tell you some stories, if you like! I also homeschool and will check out your blog. pm if you like so we could swap contact details... hasta luego!
Wednesday 26 August 2015, 23:57:35
I tend to take the same view as above- unless you have reason to 'get out of the limelight' for a while, then I think now is the time to stand and face things where we are.
Thursday 27 August 2015, 00:02:35
Here is the latest oppressive news against
Spain's protesters and truth seekers -…
Thursday 27 August 2015, 00:04:13
Thanks for the love and comments. I want to point out that I came to live in Europe when the E.U. didn't exist and when countries here like Spain had their own sovereignty. That is all changing fast. The Euro was supposed to be the strength behind the new economic system but turned out to be the weakness of a corrupt political system instead. I love Spain as I do America but I see the writing on the wall as I did before I left the States. The only hope that Europe has at the moment is if the community breaks up and the individual countries get their sovereignty back. It's the same as us wanting our individual sovereignty back too. Both are worth fighting for but as we have just seen with Greece, the powers that be in Europe are intent on making sure that will never happen.
Thursday 27 August 2015, 00:34:06
WWIII has already started. And it is a global war against the middle and lower class. It’s called “GLOBALIZATION.” You’re totally screwed when others control your money and your food. The money part has already happened and all that’s left is the food chain to be controlled. Don’t look now but that is well on its way to being finalized. It’s called Codex Alimentarius. Throw in the new secret trade agreement between America's big corporations invading Europe and outright protesting becoming illegal, you wind up with having a cesspool of additional corruption heading this way. There is only one really good solution to any of this madness. It’s all about collective consciousness. That type of consciousness is very powerful and can change the world so people better start getting more motivated to help that consciousness along. Start by sharing the truth whenever possible and do everything you can NOT to feed the corrupted side of the system. If enough people do the same then collectively, we can starve the corrupted system and create a legitimate grass roots one for the people again. But first we need to build a unified community that plays by their own rules.
Thursday 27 August 2015, 00:43:20
agrees with everything g-man and i think thats what people on here are looking for . and more and more people adding all the time
Thursday 27 August 2015, 07:50:28
I agree with sue and g-man. America has been corrupt for way too long, and having Native American roots here as well, I feel I am obligated to stay. I feel the pull to move to South America, but there is a LOT of healing needed here as well. Also, the taking back of the earth and land from the PTB that have taken it from us and only polluted it- on their way to destroying it. The earth will need to be healed everywhere and those who end up fleeing their homes and countries will just be handing it over to the PTB to do with as they wish. We need to drive them out and not let them get a foothold anywhere. This is only in our power to do so.
Thursday 27 August 2015, 08:55:49
We have to also remember that them gaining a foothold in all countries from the taking possession of the land is how they've become so powerful in the first place. There are many more of us than them and this is what WE need to do!
Thursday 27 August 2015, 08:57:51
I think everyone of us knows if he/she wants to stay or go. And that we will be the biggest contribution where we feel strong and confident.
Friday 28 August 2015, 15:36:20
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