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Good Afternoon to All, I have been ask by several people [...]

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Good Afternoon to All,

I have been ask by several people as Healthcare Ambassador for a description, myvision of Health Care and how it fits and works with the Ubuntu Philosophy? Along with any projects we are working on or want to work on? So I am sharing the below information. It is a little lengthy but I feel it is important to share. Thank you for taking the time to read.
As USA Healthcare Ambassador my vision for Healthcare is The Ubuntu Plan Of Action - For Healing Centers found on page 251 of the Ubuntu-Contributionism Book by Michael Tellinger.

My first vision was to create a circle that is aligned with Ubuntu Philosophy guided by the Inspiration/Intuition of The Universe through all the people in the circle. A circle where the people in the United States, who resonated with the Ubuntu Philosophy and have healthcare experience/interest supporting all specialties and/or modalities of healing could come together get to know each other and be ready for service in the Ubuntu Communities.

The first inspired Project I had to share was - The Miracle of Sound! Most all the post that have been shared by the people in the circle are about, energy, frequency, vibration, holistic, resonance, and love.

Therefore, I believe the #1 Core Project The Benevolent Universe wants us to understand, while we are in the midst of creating the Ubuntu Communities is found in the statement below by Nikola Tesla .........

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

A few articles I easily found on the internet shared below.

1. The Relationship Between Disease and Energy Frequency:…

2. Everything in life is Vibration:…

3. Body Frequencies, A Guide to Holistic Healing:…

4. One Mind-One Energy, The Law of Vibration, Everything vibrates:…

5. The Vibration of Health:…


1) Every community, town or village will have the most sophisticated hospital, trauma unit, emergency facility, treatment and healing centre imaginable. We call these ‘healing centers' because we do actually expect to heal and cure people instead of just sustaining them and curing the symptoms.

2) Every existing hospital or clinic will be upgraded to meet these requirements and the needs of the people as soon as humanly possible.

3) These Healing Centers will be large enough to service their community with ease, and never run the risk of being unable to meet the demand of their community.

4) Healing Centers will be designed and adapted differently from our current hospitals to create the necessary environments that promote healing in every way.

5) The Healing Centers will be well staffed with healers from diverse backgrounds to promote the growth of new and alternative healing and not just the currently accepted methods.

6) Healing will be holistic, including food, plants and healing therapies. All ‘patients’ will be taught health practice while being treated in the Healing Centers.

7) The Healing Centers will also be used as training centers, where those interested in healing will learn hands-on from master healers in every field.

Birthing Centers will be established in every community and treated as separate from Healing Centers. Because giving birth is not a disease.

9) Let us declare all questionable activities by the drug companies unlawful with immediate effect.

10) Appoint a new independent group of medical scientists and researchers, supported with the most advanced equipment and technology, to investigate all existing drugs whether legal or illegal, and give the people a new scientific perspective on the positive or negative effects of these substances.

11) We will promote the work of traditional healers and alternative healers who have been marginalized and belittled by the medical and drug industry for their own financial benefit.

12) All traditional healers, and alternative healers, Sangomas and Shaman, will be given all the respect and support they deserve in their service to the people.

13) Provide all the necessary support for the cultivation and production of plants and herbs to support the traditional healers, homeopaths and others.

14) Every Healing Centre will have a research laboratory attached to it where our brilliant scientists can do ongoing research into diverse areas of healing.

15) Any new discovery will be shared with the people of South Africa and the world immediately and will not be kept as a secret to benefit only a few.

16) We will vigorously support extensive research into vibration and frequency healing made famous by Royal Raymond Rife and others.

17) We will vigorously support the development and use of Stem Cell treatment – because our research has shown that stem cell treatment has already been successfully used in curing virtually all disease, including the re-growing of organs and even severed limbs. This has been one of the best kept secrets of the drug cartels.

18) Communities will have the freedom to determine what they need in the area of healing, based on their own experience, and agreed to by the Council of Elders in each community. These decisions will be activated immediately giving the people of the community all the tools necessary to deliver, build or grow whatever the community has decided. Whether it is in the healing sector or any other.
So after reading the above information and UBUNTU PLAN OF ACTION – FOR HEALING CENTERS by Michael Tellinger my focus is to help build the Ubuntu Communities. The healers, scientist, and researchers are already here among us and they will come when we are ready.

Love to you all!

In resonance & unity,
Sylvia Byrd
Healthcare Ambassador
I just joined the Ubuntu network and this is the first post i saw. I am in Wisconsin and i love the sound of this plan. I also suffer from "Celiacs disease". I have done extensive research on celiacs disease only to find out that its not really a disease. It is simply my bodies natural reaction to ingesting poison. For far, the only way pharmaceutical companies have been able to cash in on celiacs disease is by price gouging of healthy natural foods. Celiacs disease requires a very strict paleo diet and there is no other form of treatment available. The hardest part about living with celiacs in America is the fact that gluten (which is poisonous to someone with celiacs) is added to almost every food sold in stores. The fda has place a 20 parts per million tolerance on gluten free foods. The problem with this is that many celiacs have a 0 tolerance to gluten. I am in the process of moving on to a small farm that was abandoned long before the creation of Round-up herbicides, and the field have never been sprayed with any chemicals. I will have to grow all of my own food because i cannot get healthy on food from the supermarket. My mindset is utopian by nature and that's what drew me to the Ubuntu network. I am eager to learn more and become an active member of the Ubuntu community. I have no education in medicine, but i have always studied natural remedies and found that i may heal a little slower with natural remedies, but i seem to heal without the harmful side effects. If there is anything I can do to help others with similar conditions, i would love to help. Although, at this point, i believe other could help me more than I can help them. I have only known about my condition for the last 3 months. I spent 40 years in pain while drs had absolutely no clue anything was even wrong with me. I have had to deal with drs. calling me a liar and telling me it is impossible for anyone to experience the symptoms i have. I lost 40% of my body weight over the last 2 years and almost died before my fiancee made the connection of celiacs disease. Fortunately for me, her uncle has celiacs disease and was diagnosed about 20 years ago. I just don't understand how college educated drs couldn't make the simple connection that she made within just a few months. I would be dead if it wasn't for her and i now realize how corrupt the healthcare industry really is.
I feel like i am just rambling on, so i will stop here. If you have any questions or answers for me, please let me know.
Monday 18 July 2016, 03:01:23
Kari H
Awesome vision Sylvia! I love it!
Tuesday 19 July 2016, 00:55:29
Tuesday 19 July 2016, 01:32:17
Interesting... my post dated itself for the wrong day and time.
Tuesday 19 July 2016, 01:33:42
@Adamu Growing your own food will in turn help the others you wish to help. A farm is perfect for your assistance, no doubt. You are already solving the problem! Well done!
Tuesday 19 July 2016, 01:48:25
Eileen G
Wake me up...Am I dreaming? No, I was dreaming and now I'm waking up to a whole new world of health and healing. Brilliant! I'm all for it!
Wednesday 27 July 2016, 00:07:55
Jack Daniel
And its all for you!!
Monday 1 August 2016, 22:38:08
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