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Apparently every cancer can be cured within weeks. Cure nature with [...]

Koszalin, Województwo zachodniopomorskie
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Apparently every cancer can be cured within weeks.
Cure nature with nature. Sounds logic to me.……
Next step, avoid cancer all together.
Sunday 17 July 2016, 17:25:42
[deleted user]
amazing, actually the only reason we have not come to this Point was that the pharma concerns are so incredibly powerful and medicating people is of course helping to keep the evolving of human beings at an level to keep them from awakening especially when it comes to Psycho drugs. letting someone always know and educating the public that only a capsule or tablet helps you to become healthy but not you yourself have the power to heal yourself is taking your own power from you. I know how it is , I am a Nurse and I pray that things will change soon, I have seen too many patients die of Cancer..
Tuesday 19 July 2016, 14:02:36
The whole series especially for you Martina -…
Friday 5 August 2016, 16:30:56
Jynderyl - please do concentrate on living healthy and happy. Enjoying being who you are.
There are also messages from Bashar……
Friday 5 August 2016, 16:45:02
Please note that there are two links of Bashar.
Friday 5 August 2016, 16:46:18
[deleted user]
Rob thank you sooo much for posting this to me:) Means a lot to me, I already suspected something like this but this just blew it. It is simply shocking and we are the ones playing our little roles in this system. I have seen lots of people dying from the terrible side effects of cancer, and they all had chemotherapy many up to just before they died just because doctors still wanted to give more and more chemicals to them and they give in, just trusting. Actually it is really sad to watch and that is why I am also starting an energy healer course next year. I really want to help changing things. I really don´t stand anymore behind in which system I am supporting as a nurse even though I love being with patients and helping them in the daily activities of life and still I am also preparing the meds for every week and just following the doctor´s orders as you may say- just what a nurse is doing. This system is not working for the good of all. Things need to change.
Friday 5 August 2016, 20:43:31
Yes. Exactly. If you would be so nice and share what is this Energy Healer course more specificaly I would very much appreciate it.
Thursday 11 August 2016, 17:00:32
[deleted user]
Hi Rob it is a spiritual healer course actually, a mixture of reiki and shamanic healing methods. I was very careful in choosing my mentor and I am so glad I finally made a decision on her. I felt immediate trust when meeting her. I want to learn more later also about pranic healing. This course is energy healing, working with chakras but also shamanic healing in trance but also by visiting former lives in trance, it is a mixture of international methods of mostly american shamanic techniques and Reiki as well.
Thursday 11 August 2016, 18:14:51
[deleted user]
she is in Austria
Thursday 11 August 2016, 18:15:46
Thank you for the information.
Sunday 4 September 2016, 18:55:20
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