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Better than anything on TV tonight. [...]

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Better than anything on TV tonight.…
Professor Bob Carter…
had a great line: "Carbon dioxide causes global warming" is like saying "Lung cancer causes smoking."
Saturday 16 July 2016, 23:54:22
One thousand year cycle is plain to see for everyone. About one thousand years ago, the Vikings settled in Greenland and did farming for a few hundred years. About two thousand years ago, Romans settled in Britain and produced wine while Celts sailed and settled on Iceland (as well as in North America, probably).
Sunday 17 July 2016, 00:04:03
Here in Canada there is lots of evidence of Ice Age glaciation - but we're no longer in a Ice Age - what happened ? - the place warmed up - Climate Change (and we didn't do it)
Sunday 17 July 2016, 15:04:02
Sunday 17 July 2016, 15:20:10
Ha ha LOL. Thanks for this. These guys should have been number one back then and should have stayed there.
Sunday 17 July 2016, 20:40:30
Go to their you-tube site - they have several more !
Sunday 17 July 2016, 23:49:51
[deleted user]
Technically we are STILL in an Ice Age, in what is called an interglacial period (…). There will be more glacial periods, and by all measures, sooner rather than later. Approximately every 125 thousand years, we enter an extreme warming period, which we are in now. This has been going on for millions of years, it seems to have begun in earnest when the isthmus of Panama closed, cutting off the flow of ocean currents that helped to maintain a stable climate (…). Remain calm, enjoy the beach weather and the moisture, don't support the Malthusian agenda, and please, don't kill the humans! It's not humans, it's the Sun. This guy has been trying to tell people for years, &, as have scientists in many disciplines, not just "climate science", which is largely pseudoscience.
Monday 18 July 2016, 20:06:55
[deleted user]
One other important side effect of this process, is that we are heading slowly to becoming an ice planet. Enjoy the next few millions of years of relative warmth and moisture, they may become a thing of the "past". Oh, and it would nice if the idiots would stop spraying that shit into the atmosphere trying to cool the planet off! I have to do everything in my power to enlarge my carbon footprint to an astronomical size to counter it!
Monday 18 July 2016, 20:17:25
Where Have All The Eagles Gone?
Monday 18 July 2016, 23:51:33
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