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Dragon sources have communicated that in the near future, Turkey [...]

Homs Governorate
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Dragon sources have communicated that in the near future, Turkey may be the trigger for a short but intense military escalation just before the planetary breakthrough. If that happens, a mass meditation will be announced on this blog to counteract that.

Victory of the Light!

From COBRA Update March 2016
Hi Claudette, i imagine that your posting relates to the intent of cue last night in Turkey. Last night Internet CNN stated that the president had been overturned to find out this morning that he remains in power. For what I concluded is that the president asked the people to fight for the presidency and they did. When I heard this I thought "It is beginning!" Lets try our best to put more Love in to this world so the BT IT IS! Much Love to ALL!
Saturday 16 July 2016, 15:19:52
[deleted user]
I just said to my husband this evening that I feel like this is the beginning of the announcing of all the revelations:) -I felt the same:) love to you
Saturday 16 July 2016, 20:10:26
Hi Claudette! I have been wondering what this coup was all really about. I saw today that the president was not overturned and now am really wondering what is all going on.....perhaps a thwarted attempt from the cabal?
Saturday 16 July 2016, 20:13:15
[deleted user]
I think that Erdogan staged this coup himself to be able to justify the "cleaning", to be able to imprison the 3000 constituition lawyers and others not so much the Military but the lawyers were the focus on. That is only my opinion of course- he is so striving for power, I believe he is doing anything to make his position even stronger.
Saturday 16 July 2016, 20:18:32
Thanks Martina. I was reading that it appeared Erdogan staged the coup as well. The breakthrough is closer and closer
Saturday 16 July 2016, 20:22:04
The only one who has benifit from this all is Erdogan himself.
Love for you all. Victory of the Light
Sunday 17 July 2016, 07:54:40
Hi Everyone! This morning my husband was batching the news brainwash, they were talking about the failed cup. While we were watching the supposed scenes , it came into my mind that everything was staged to further lower down the liberties of the Turkish people. I felt the I needed to express my opinion in this page to my delight that Macklin and you were in the same page! Much Love to All!
Sunday 17 July 2016, 14:28:42
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