Status #14450 Heads-UP! ~ CX Ubu's ... above is the link to [...]

Knysna, Western Cape
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Heads-UP! ~ CX Ubu's ... above is the link to the IEC FAQ etc ... this would be the primary source for official info's for the Election process & protocols - Terms Of Reference = T.O.R. Shared on the Big Ubuntu Circle too ...
Deleted User
Do you know what you need? I have capped data, its a lot to read through.
Thursday 14 July 2016, 20:32:27
Janet, you are really struggling there sometimes, aren't you? It would be great to see wireless networks grow so this kind of thing would be in the past. Am still not clear how these mobile phones work, if they tap into the existing internet backbone, or create their own network. On a side note, I just found out I can watch videos at 144p, and thus save quite a bit on bandwidth. Take care.
Friday 15 July 2016, 00:01:01
Deleted User
Its very clever you have free data and can communicate free with anyone else who has a spacefone. The signal is straight from the satellite. Its completely unaffordable in Rands. But clever idea.
Saturday 16 July 2016, 11:52:37
I'm inclined to agree about the high cost 'start-up' investment in Rands, although probably not more than the cash price for an iPhone? ...However, there's no financial return with the iPhone purchase, whereas the Wor(l)d Global Network opportunity invites you to become active with direct participation toward expansion of the Network itself, and being based on Multi-Level structure marketing model, the Sky's the limit in terms of how many times one could realise a Return -On-Investment - I am 100% certain that it's a good idea to budget for this Now! Once I've aquired the basic hardwares, I will expect to have it pay for itself within 6-months ...Within 12 - 18 months or sooner, there will be enough SpacePhones & SpaceStations in your locale to provide seamless 5G wifi 24/7. Initially during development phases, the SpacePhone will default to existing 3G etc Network Providers, I think it'll be a Dual Sim device, or the Wor(l)d Simcard does it all. I also have a great deal of confidence in Michael T's foresight and insight into the awesome potential it represents for everyone. Exciting times we live in !:o)< P.S: You could also peek at o3b Networks (... the Other 3 Billion) ... who started placing Sat' units (16 in total I think) a few years back, and there are other's too.
Sunday 17 July 2016, 17:48:44
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