Status #14432 Not being reported, Paris in flames. [...]

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Not being reported, Paris in flames.
hmm.. i lived in pAris btwn 2010-2014 and worked near a lot of areas shown in this video and walked/rode my bike around all the other sites shown.. first things first- there have been "migrants" in these areas of paris for decades.. there have been intense protests and police stand-offs in paris for months now.. this video honestly seems like a psy-op cuz it's completely biased.. with that being said there's obviously a big issue with this scenario.. but i've also seen many police stand-offs with white french citizens over the past few months and these people are armed with bats and other blunt objects with masks as well.. these events have ruined what was more of a peaceful but angered protest manifestation against the EU-backed labor reform proposal.. the violence seems to escalate and give way to more riots stemming from unrelated issues.. but the media in other countries besides france doesn't seem to cover any sides of the labor reform protests/riots- this video is one-dimensional, but thanx for sharing
Thursday 14 July 2016, 11:07:23
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