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I have a theory. Possibly controversial. If one assumes that the powers [...]

Carlisle, Cumbria
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I have a theory.
Possibly controversial.
If one assumes that the powers that shouldn't be, don't have our best interests at heart and if one assumes that they are poisoning our food, water, air and children. Then why would it be, that they want us to, and are succeeding in stopping us smoking tobacco?
I once heard a gentleman talk of a 30 year study in the USA looking at the effects of second hand smoke, which concluded that the only effect it had was that the "victim" was less likely to catch a common cold!
The report was buried.
So i wonder, could the effects of chemtrailing work less well upon the tar clad lungs of tobacco users?
Native Americans used tobacco for thousands of years. I know a herb product that contains tobacco which kills some "incurable" diseases such as the Lyme disease. Bill Cooper says the authorities sprayed uranium on tobacco fields in Virginia. It is also known that they put carcinogenic material in filters. So, it all depends.
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 22:59:23
I didn't know that about Lyme disease but it doesn't surprise me. And yes, it's plain to see that it is the filters in cigarettes that cause cancer. If you've been on an asbestos awareness course, I don't think it takes a great leap of faith to link the two.
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 23:12:11
And if one needs inspiration, look no further than native Americans.
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 23:13:35
nice post- i had an inkling about tobacco- not in connection to chemtrails tho, but that's something i never considered... i thought it had to do with the health care, like here in france there's apparently enough smokers hospitalised that too much public money is paying for all this, so the taxes have been extremely raised, but then again with all the chemicals in cigs that's why people get bad halth from smoking.. i smoke spliffs rolling tabac (and a few cigs with when i bartend) with non-bleached papers.. i can feel that i gotta take it easy on my lungs some day tho, but in the meantime.. if it's blocking chemtrail effects, there's a bonus.. haha...
good call Didge- i love our native americans and i think there's even some kind of hospital or thail medicine woman who treats illnesses with tobacco.. can probly youtube it..
Thursday 14 July 2016, 01:53:41
Smoking tobbacco is self harm.
Thursday 14 July 2016, 14:12:52
If you recognise and work with Tobacco as the Sacred Master Plant that is truly IS (when pure) in various forms ie smoking (but not inhaling) to connect with Spirit; liquid form for vision and clarity; Rapé as shamanic snuff etc then you will find it a magnificent Teacher and...a prime Protector. Start there and discover the Abuelo Tabaquito so as to heal relationship with this Plant Being. Like all Good Beings, it has been demonised and contaminated to disguise its purpose and disconnect us from All That Is. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin
Thursday 14 July 2016, 14:17:00

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin???
Thursday 14 July 2016, 14:23:30
wow Lula, those are some true words to the wise.. thank you, these are some very interesting ideas to delve into and re-adjust personal habits and perspectives
Thursday 14 July 2016, 15:52:24
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