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Hello, from the southern tip of Africa. As suspected the [...]

Bredasdorp, Western Cape
via Ubuntu Planet
Hello, from the southern tip of Africa. As suspected the local people of the Cape Agulhas region can relate to the Ubuntu Party principles, because it matches that of the Khoi culture. The Ubuntu message has strategically and quietly been told to selected community members, throughout the year. People liked the story, but thought it was just another story. Then the merchandise arrived. People started noticing the quality of the merchandise and started talking.
Then the Ubuntu Party was given free airtime on Radio Overberg. The message was portrayed as "GOOD NEWS FOR OUR COMMUNITY" Needless to say, that has been halted. We have been told that we need to pay ridiculous fees for airtime. There are issues surrounding the venue that we had arranged for a community gathering (not a formal meeting) It has now become VERY clear that the system doesn't really have any intention on helping community, NEVER WILL. The local people are very intelligent and they now see that the system has conned them.
What now??? I would suggest that some SERIOUS supporters come here and show the local people that the Ubuntu Party is here to support. They must know that I have not gone mad, or 'taking the piss'. These people have experienced severe trauma over the past years, but they have kept their community values. Now the time has come to do the right thing.
IF YOU REALLY BELIEVE IN THE UBUNTU MOVEMENT, then now is the time to dig deep. I am serious when I say, we are on the verge of big changes and these people need that reassurance. We cannot allow this opportunity to slip by...
Deleted User
Sorry Brother, its just as tough here in George. Please DO NOT GIVE UP. Just keep going. Sooner or later someone will twig.
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 17:35:38
[deleted user]
There is no giving up, I assure you. We are almost there.
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 21:07:06
Deleted User
Wonderful <3
Thursday 14 July 2016, 20:29:55
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