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Just thinking... this is like we Will create a new [...]

Deinze, Vlaanderen
via Ubuntu Planet
Just thinking... this is like we Will create a new world order. But transparant and clear and no money?! I'm in. Many questions pop up. And this is a good Sign I guess for further and Future problems. Do we need police? Or laws? Who Will controle such matters?

This is my first post. Don't be harsh
All is well! You bring up good questions. Please read the book that Michael has written. Many of your questions will be answered. In it, you will learn how a Council of Elders will solve many issues. And, yes, there will be rules but we will get to make them, not some group of lawyers making decisions about our lives in a closed room! Get educated and welcome to the lifeboat!
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 02:21:58
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