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Hello Michael and All: I wish that I had known about [...]

Kerby, Oregon
via Ubuntu Planet
Hello Michael and All:

I wish that I had known about Ubuntu before today. I ran across the video and as I listened to what Micheal had to say I was so amazed to hear many of my own words coming out of his mouth. I was mesmerized by all he said and absolutely thrilled by the fact that a movement was in place. I had tried to figure out how to get such a thing going and have been in the process of trying to get a piece of property so that we could start our own self sufficient community. And here it is all laid out so to speak. I have always known that it just had to be done.

I have been studying Religion and Culture since I was 5 yrs of age.(No lie) Use to drive my mother crazy until she just realized that I was somehow different and she stopped fighting it and let me read everything in the library and stay up and only sleep 3 or 4 hours a night. And I still do that to this day over 50 years later. I learned that the bible is a great book of study and a great book of history. Most people do not know how to interpret the book properly. I became an alternative minister, teaching tribal and Goddess Teachings of Gaia and our Mother Earth. I have studied very many of the world beliefs although Hindu, Egyptian, Persian and all the Ancient cultures are my passions. And as you have said music, sound and resonance are the keys to our lives. They are the key to our very existence. Numbers, the Tarot and many of the ancient ways of the people that others look over are more closely connected to life and the earth and the meaning of things. So many so called higher class people feel that these simple people are just too lowly to acknowledge and yet they are the ones who are so important. This is where they make their mistake. The Aborigine of Australia, The Native American of the US, the natives of the Rain Forest, and the Shaman all around the world in many remote places of the world are more connected to this planet than any organized religion could think of being. The Hindu, Buddhist, the Sikh of India are people who live simple devoted lives. Those that stay to that and not get caught up with the money, but stick to their simple living and not become materialistic are more happy and content. Those who dedicate their lives to the devotion of their beliefs and the teachings of searching for the divine within can do the most amazing things. As you can tell I admire those that find a path and devote their lives to such.

I have devoted my life to learning and teaching what I have learned and even though I knew that the Ubuntu way you have developed was the correct way of our future, but I could not devote to finding a way to present it as you have done and stay committed to this path as well. I am so thrilled and blessed that this burden has fallen on someone I feel after listening to so many of your videos in the last 24 hours. I feel now that this path could not have found a better person to head its cause and I will be helping with this in any way I can possible do so. I study all the time, I research science, the old ways, the ancient Gods, the stars, the advance knowledge of space, the ancient advance knowledge, and I just never stop researching and finding out the meaning of it all. And i pass it all on to my students and as you know there is no such thing as knowing it all for the more you learn the more there is to learn. So you are forever a student and forever a teacher.

As i have stated previously I am an alternative and comparative beliefs teacher, use to teach basic computers skills, a student, a counselor, a minister, a belly-dancer, a dance teacher, a writer, an avid reader, a gardener with a very green thumb, I preserve food, I make and sell belly dance cloths & supplies, I make jewelry, do Costume Design & Seamstress, love Painting, Drawing, Hiking, Horseback training & riding, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, meditation, and just whatever I have an interest in. I am the mother of 5, the grandmother of 10 and the great grandmother of 3 so far. I have many skills and lots of experience. If and of my skills or knowledge can be of use to the Ubuntu organization please let me know.

I am redoing my web sites and when I have everything set I will see about putting a link to your pages with my endorsement of the good work you are going to accomplish and help spread the word. As you know there are many disillusioned Americans nowadays, and you will find allot of support here. Please do not get discouraged in your cause and when you feel you are faltering look to those of us that you are inspiring and teaching and gather strength from the masses you are showing the right path to follow into the future.

Very good work GhostRaven I look forward to your input
Tuesday 12 July 2016, 18:27:11
Greetings GhostRaven
Where are you located/living. I am in B.C. Canada just read your post....If you do not already have a copy of Michael Tellinger's Ubuntu/Contributionism book. You'll likely want to get one of can get it through the Ubuntu Party website:…
You have much to share.....much experience...most excellent:))
Tuesday 12 July 2016, 18:52:21
Afoofa(cute) Thank you I live In Oregon and just love it here but more and more things become difficult these days. But the small town I live in is surrounded by small communities that like the off the Grid method of living. many are practicing this as individuals. Many grow organic and sell at our local farmers market. They do lack the organization of the Ubuntu way but they are somewhat organized in their gatherings and schooling of their children. And they try to keep things like GMO's and insecticides away from the area and organize meeting to discuss thing of that nature. Allot of earth people around here.
I do plan on getting his book just as soon as my other computer is out of the shop. you know how it is these days. Begging from Peter to pay Paul, and the juggle system thanks to Government idiots that make the rich richer and the poor poorer. But we do what we can and the stubborn survive in spite of them.
Blessed Be,
Thursday 11 August 2016, 04:24:16
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