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Hi! New to this and a HUGE fan of michaels [...]

Wethersfield, Connecticut
via Ubuntu - United States - Southern New England
Hi! New to this and a HUGE fan of michaels lectures for forever now. When's it time for action!? I hope soon but totally get how it's complicated to form a new society. Can anyone update me on what we can do to help and what is going on abroad?
Val, welcome to the community which is growing in our area.
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 10:59:08
Donna A
I recommend starting a local group and see where the local interest is at. maybe someone has a home that can be transformed into an eatable garden. maybe someone has a plot of land that they would like to cultivate with help. I also joined a thing called time banking - the one I joined is Washington DC focused but there are groups all over the world - I went to my first meeting trying to also support and let everyone know about Ubuntu Movement. Maybe this will be helpful to you too.…; I really think the most we can all do is talk about this. I have a BBQ planned on the 31st of July - pot luck - on the roof of the building where I live. There are about 10 coming so far. Just pulling people together so we can talk and share ideas and start to move forward.
Monday 18 July 2016, 21:11:26
Val L
Oh no! I'm sorry i missed the pot luck! I hate social media so I'm reluctant to check the messages here lol. Next time!
There's a community opening in Vermont? I am all about helping however I can!!! Does anyone have details? Thanks again
Saturday 3 September 2016, 03:06:36
Absolutely Val, we need to focus on ONE SMALL TOWN
Friday 18 November 2016, 23:43:44
Val L
I understand...thank you guys
Sunday 20 November 2016, 03:18:51
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