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Greetings from Ubu' Roi-Sun (Knysna&George) ... my UbuntuParty Local-Gov Election [...]

Knysna, Western Cape
via Ubuntu - South Africa
Greetings from Ubu' Roi-Sun (Knysna&George) ... my UbuntuParty Local-Gov Election campaign Tips:
When handing out Leaflets to prospects, 'Paint each leaflet with LOVE' (intention), & present as " here is your/please accept my - Invitation to ... " fill in the space, e.g: ... to enjoy Free Electricity for you/ your family/ your business (for now:o)) etc; or: ...invitation to apply your talents to help create a circle/network/community of prosperity, peace and freedom for a brighter future for the World..."
... I would like to share this remarkable/wonderful/exciting/inspiring - Opportunity with you; please invest a few minutes of your valuable time and explore what's happening/emerging across our World right now with the Ubuntu Movement - it's Free to Share! :o)< >(o:

Get the idea? ... even if you're not cozy or familiar with engaging with 'strangers', I can assure you it takes a novice only 10 invites to get into the Ubu'tifulness of the Bliss of a Heart 2 Heart 'kiss', & just remember, every 'No' is really a 'Maybe', & every Maybe is probably a 'Yes' !!
If someone doesn't wish to receive a leaflet, it's okay, maybe they will like to take it for a friend to read,... how about that?!

Happy election-touting folks ~ feel 'Free' to suggest more link-up-a-newbie-Ubu' Tipps - Have some Ubuntu-Fun ~~~ in love & with a-bun-dance, Roi-Sun aka URiAM1 ~
Deleted User
Wonderful - so you're going to help me campaign on the weekend?
Tuesday 12 July 2016, 07:38:18
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