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anyone in Switzerland? i am wanting to go and learn [...]

Kintnersville, Pennsylvania
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anyone in Switzerland? i am wanting to go and learn the history of the country.
Toni L
I'm not there now but may be able to help guide you. I have family and friends there.
Monday 11 July 2016, 05:57:47
i would like to set it up and be free to go where the local people have the most knowledge.
Monday 11 July 2016, 11:48:45
Toni L
Can you speak German, French, Italian or Romansch? The reason I ask is that English is not as widely spoken as some people may think especially among the older generation. Unless of course you are in the cities
Monday 11 July 2016, 15:10:49
Zoe W
i'll be there next summer. it's my favorite place on the planet - truly progressive, high end, efficient, they take care of their people in every way. the history is fascinating. they haven't been at war since the 1200's. they have a round table of 7 presidents, there are 4 languages spoken, and the origin of their name, which can be debated, is very interesting. my husband is Swiss. hope you make it there. peace. p.s. everyone speaks English, and most speak 3 to 4 languages.
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 03:31:47
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