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[Corey Goode] 2016-07-08: True Disclosure [...]

Ljubljana, Ljubljana
via ESG - Slovenia - Ljubljana
[Corey Goode] 2016-07-08: True Disclosure…
Thanks for sharing!
Sunday 10 July 2016, 15:54:08
I think Disclosure needs to come through entertainment (the sugar that makes the medicine go down). It would be faster and more digestible. All those pages and pages of spooky details to read are too much for the people - but that's a right brain Goddess' take... xo
Sunday 10 July 2016, 17:57:23
hehe my brain need more RAM (don't ask me witch one) but eventualy someone will do that Sylvie XD
Tuesday 12 July 2016, 17:45:01
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