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Cracking the Door on the Statist Mind Cage I live in [...]

Saint Paul, Minnesota
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Cracking the Door on the Statist Mind Cage

I live in St. Paul, Minnesota, just a few miles from where Philandro Castile was gunned down by a local agent of the state. Of course, this was fast on the heels of the murder of Alton Brown by two agents of the state in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

They were black men, accused of minor infractions: a broken tail light, selling CDs.

And then there was Dallas. Five snipers - wait, scratch that - four, wait, a single radicalized afro-centric sniper shot and killed five local agents of the state.

Now the public, led by the media, seeks answers to all of these shootings from the (wait for it) STATE. Full and fair investigations are promised by federal agencies. Governors hug their black constituents. Hillary Clinton promises redressing racial inequity will be job number one when she is elected President.

And the public, although a little stunned, breathes a collective sigh of relief as they stay tuned to the pro-state coverage of media outlets who insist that most reasonable people are law-abiding, peaceful citizens of the corporate state. They interview the peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters who remind us we mustn't use violence to harm "those who protect us".

One might think the door on that collective mind cage might have cracked open after 9/11 to allow the "citizens" to begin seeing beyond the sprawling shopping mall where they live and breed.

One might think that the subsequent events, like the continued and unabated militarization of our local state agents and their repressive tactics, would serve to underscore not only the state's failure to protect its citizens, but also to actively harm them.

One might think that the ongoing wars supported by both political parties that have milked the American taxpayer and driven up the nation's debt high enough to plug the hole in the ozone would have pushed that door open a little more.

One might think that the promises of Clinton after Clinton, the promises of Bush after Bush, the promises of every glad-handing ego maniac seeking your vote at the County Fair would nudge the citizen, just a little, out of the cage when those promises prove to be hollow, meaningless rhetoric.

But no. If anything, the loud sounds of gunfire on the news and the serious-faced politicians spewing new layers of lies seem only to have driven the citizens further back in their cages.

Not one American with whom I've spoken to recently seems to recall that the dilapidated cage they call America, where they believe they are free within their cage because of the variety of foodstuffs they can nibble on, was born in violence. There was not a peaceful democratic election that overthrew English control of its colony.

To be clear, overthrowing one tyranny for another is either highly ineffective or downright insane. After all, Power's nature is to centralize; thus, individual power is sacrificed to a local collective, which then is absorbed by regional and then federal and then global powers.

It is the duty of the individual to retain his or her power and help other individuals do likewise. Injustice is not when the power system treats its chattel poorly. Injustice occurs when individuals treat one another poorly and refuse to challenge the corrupt power system that cages us to begin with.

The door to the cage is not locked.
well said!
Saturday 9 July 2016, 21:36:02
The words of humanity. Thanks Chaunce.
Sunday 10 July 2016, 14:44:38
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