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Wouldn't it be awezome to create different circles here, covering [...]

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Wouldn't it be awezome to create different circles here, covering different consepts such as : COMMUNITIES: -How to grow organic food, how to develop self sustaining movements without money, which technology is needed, people's expertise in different practial things, such as infrastructure, architecture, building and growing. EDUCATION: -Here, we could cover all the faults and mistakes our present system of education(which really is just a symptom of a bigger problem) bears with it, and how to solve this problems, by for example teaching and learning students to be creative, and to hold on to their talents, nuture and develop their abilities and so on. Also, which subjects that are relevant could also be discussed. TECHNOLOGY: Everything covering the most important technology aveliable when it comes to free energy, growing organic and living healthy and safe. Also, everything covering infrastructure, healing technology etc. ANCEINT HISTORY: A circle where we could share our information and connect the dots, and the evidence of a previous global civilazation, reavealing the hidden and forgotten parts of ourselves, and sharing it with each other. SECRET GOVERNMENTS: By evidence based information, we could share with each other everything we know about our governments, about the wars, the oil, the manipulation, and just discuss and share everything. DOCUMENTARY: One of the best ways to spread information, is after my opinion, my a good, informative documentary.. Mabye we could create a circle where we together, could make a documentary, or even multiple documentaries, by cutting, editing, and mashing up different presentations. MUSIC AND ART: A circle where we could share all our creative expression, or our own preferable art or music. You never know how big an impact both music and art can have on our soceity.. We could in general inspire each other with all the love, knowlegde and creativity we have.. i do belive this was the main motivation for this prject in the first place.. so if anybody knows how, or when it will be possible to create this circles, please dont hesitate.. every minute counts
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Monday 24 August 2015, 23:13:02
I love the simplicity of this website, it's clean sensible and easy to navigate. A link at the top that leads to a Forum for specific topic discussion would be a nice addition.....
Monday 24 August 2015, 23:15:31
Careful what you wish for this days! these 'circles of focus' are being pulled together behind the scenes by Mat who is our (magic) website, FCP will soon launch a mechanism by which groups can form around more precise areas, as you indicate Jonaskh. Stand by!
Monday 24 August 2015, 23:44:25
Mat Dowle
Almost there... Just putting some finishing touches to the circles functionality... maybe ready by next week I hope (I need to find a way to be able to spend more time on this).
Tuesday 25 August 2015, 07:49:09
awezome, keep on doing your work, one never knows how important this could be :)
Tuesday 25 August 2015, 12:59:02
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