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A computer without Microsoft and Google is like a piece [...]

Powell River, British Columbia
via The Full Circle Project
A computer without Microsoft and Google is like a piece of chocolate cake
without ketchup and mustard.
oh, thank you for this, i needed as I wonder
why they're offering for free! i will tell everyone in the office. thanks.
Monday 24 August 2015, 20:35:09
[deleted user]
and who controls thous which controls us? and also..........who controls thous who controls thous who control us? we can like this go in forever. dont we? sooooooooooooo................what is control anyway? how can anything be controlled if everything is always in constant change?
Monday 24 August 2015, 21:15:39
Monday 24 August 2015, 21:43:01
Thanks for the comment Naoko There is a windows 10 witch now. She has a Nefertiti face and speaks to you (and you speak back). Its, and I emphasize IT!, is named Cortana.
Tuesday 25 August 2015, 00:02:27
Hi Doug, NP. thank you! i have another question, can i ask? Do you know any alternative to skype working as good as skype? I tried some open source ones, but they didn't work like skype....
Tuesday 25 August 2015, 08:38:00
"Linphone" is an open source program (code shared by all and not hidden) that works like Microsoft owned Skype. Two users can video call each other. It's only voice (not video) conferencing for 3-5 users I think. Open source "Ekiga" is the only other Linux type program which is like Skype also. All the other ones are propietary programs related to the global cabals networks. I cannot believe that protestors are "organizing" all their community work on surveilled systems like Fakebook and Twitter. No wonder we aren't doing so well.
Wednesday 26 August 2015, 14:17:00
Hi Doug, thank you! i tested "Ekiga" and it didn't work very well (probably, my fault!), i will test "Linphone" really thank you.
Wednesday 26 August 2015, 21:49:09
Yep, it takes a while to learn how to install and work the software. You need a Full Circle friend to help you connect. Here's the problem for me. I don't want to have any connections to Microsoft, Google, Hotmail. I keep all my systems as "clean" as possible with Linux. There are 3 FC members now totally on Linux and Linphone and we can contact one another and meet online. If you wish to learn and "exorcise" your pewter heheheh by installing Linux we would be happy to bring you into our circle I myself have 41 years of computers as my hobby and we do know how to help interested members. There are many "isolated" Full Circle members that can't physically "meet" face to face because of distance. If they fire Microsoft....they should!, and make the effort to switch to Linux then our tight, secure group can help others to expand the potential of their pewters and secure communications instead of supporting the global cabal. Ekiga and Linphone work well together Now for the funny part heheheh Most "problems" with pewters is called "PICNIC". That means "Problem In Chair Not In Computer" hahahahaha
Thursday 27 August 2015, 16:52:12
Doug, that is a great idea. i will try myself and i might ask your help! (i'm still using microsoft for my work, but i want to install linux os(which one you recommend?)
Friday 28 August 2015, 23:14:18
I recommend the most popular distro Linux Mint. You can download it from here onto your hard drive.… Your home computer is likely a "64 bit" computer so your download location is listed scrolling lower lower down on the page. When you download the image file called "Linuxmint-17.2-xfce-64bit.iso" and know where its location is on your hard drive message me back. This operating system will fit in right beside your windows (except Vista) without changing your windows. Once installed you will get a boot (start up) screen giving you a choice of using windows or Linux Mint. Newer computers with Windows 8 are more problematic for Linux installation but doable with help. You cannot install Linux on a Windows 10 machine. Now you know why Bill Gates is giving it away for "free". He cannot compete with Linux otherwise.
Saturday 29 August 2015, 16:51:25
Doug, thank you for your help. I downloaded "Linuxmint-17.2-xfce-64bit.iso.torrent" did I download the right one? it's located in C:UsersnaokoDownloads my windows is windows 8.
Saturday 29 August 2015, 23:42:22
Thanks! oh no... windows 10 nightmare....
Saturday 29 August 2015, 23:42:46
nope the "torrent" file is not the right file. Try again and get the ".iso" file called "Linuxmint-17.2-xfce-64bit.iso". See the .iso at the end? . Let me know when you get it.
Sunday 30 August 2015, 16:13:16
Do you have a dvd burning program and a dvd player in your pewter?
Sunday 30 August 2015, 16:15:32
Doug, it's in DVD Drive: (E):, i don't have a dvd burning program, but i have dvd player in my pewter. which dvd burning program is good? i only know"nero"? thank you for your help!
Monday 31 August 2015, 09:39:58
Did you download the correct .iso file? If so try these directions and let me know when you succeed.… If you get the burning program in Win 8 to work be careful about the burning speed. These Linux installation images (.iso file) HAVE to be burned at the very slowest speed for accuracy. If you windows 8 won't burn the dvd then there are free (not pirated) burning programs available for windows 8. Just remember here that your objective is to "burn an .iso image" onto a dvd and you won't get confused. Once we get that we'll go to work on your computers "BIOS" or boot up system that you likely haven't seen yet.
Monday 31 August 2015, 17:43:30
Hi Doug, finally, it's burned into DVD today. could you please teach me the next step? Thank you!
Saturday 5 September 2015, 18:03:49
Good for you Naoki All computers have a feature that makes it initially "boot" or "start up" into a "boot MENU" rather than the regular start up you always see. Your particular computer make has a key like "F10,F11, F12", or whatever your computer manual says to tap each on a start up, that gives you a list of boot options. Sometimes when the pewter first boots it gives you a (too fast) message on what key to hit to initiate the special "boot menu". When you discover which key it is then "boot" from the DVD (you'll see it as a choice). That will get you into running Mint for the first time. Running it from the burned DVD is very slow so be patient. When you have accomplished that get back to me. If you have a strictly Windows 8 machine these instructions might not work yet. Whatever troubles you get, no worries, we'll figure it out. If you get the dvd to boot then have a look at the slow features? but don't push the "install icon" yet. NO WORRIES. Linux is designed to run on a DVD so you can try it without changing anything on your pewter.
Tuesday 8 September 2015, 16:32:34
Hi Doug, so sorry for my late update. I confirmed it's running, but i am not sure what the slow feature is.... it looks ok to me... am i answering you question correctly?
Sunday 20 September 2015, 11:16:50
If you are running it from the dvd it will be very slow. To operate it at fast speed you have to install it onto your hard drive OR you can install it onto a usb stick and boot from that.
Sunday 20 September 2015, 17:16:08
There is a new alternative to Skype that we are trying now. It's called "Ring" and here is the link
Sunday 20 September 2015, 17:20:14
ok thank you for getting back to me though i was so delayed. i will get usb stick and boot from that, will let you know when it's done, so that we can do ring together!! :)
Sunday 20 September 2015, 17:25:31
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