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There are 2 important days concerning Lightworkers occurring on this [...]

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There are 2 important days concerning Lightworkers occurring on this Friday and this Sunday. On Friday is the World Disclosure Day and Sunday is the White Dragon Society's deadline given to the Khazarian Mafia, the cabal, and illuminati for their forfeit of the global economy.
These days are important because of the dedicated work the Lightforces have committed to.
But the most important aspect for us Lightworkers to focus on is how these days will pass without any results, without Disclosure and without the Financial Reset.
This is because the elite/cabal/illuminati have never intended to cooperate with the Lightforces, and never have.
Let us as Lightworkers not let these days pass without our presence being acknowledged.
As these important times pass without results, let us renew and redouble our efforts. Let us rededicate ourselves to our missions of liberating our planet, our Earth who cares so much for us. Let us rededicate ourselves to the awakening of our brothers and sisters and to the Ascension process. Let us seek and find new techniques, let us develop new ways to accelerate our planetary Ascension and then share them with each other.
We represent the surface of our Earth...........We ARE the Lightworkers. We are an important part of the Lightforces, and as such let us never allow these important days and deadlines ( now and in the future) to pass without our doing something about it.
nicely written Edward! have a great weekend- starting with today
Friday 8 July 2016, 08:20:43
Hi! I completely understand what you are writings. But to add a a bit of a different dimension to what you explain , I also see people getting tired of what is happening in our planet and are starting to rebel! This morning we saw in the news the killing of 5 officers and 6 wounded officer in Texas during a gathering after the killings by police of 2 African American men. If this was plan or not is to be known. My point is that perhaps we need to spread the word of The Even and perhaps even start disclosure ourselves. Just posting, talking to friends, neighb. family,etc.Possibly infiltrating in the regular media. Unawaken people will take a bit longer to believe but we can start disclosing what is the reality of many people. As The economic situation, health issues, education etc. Everyone will agree on that. And from there step up disclosure until we are all compelled to dump all of it out! I read that another energy bust is expected shortly/ This may help! I just want to avoid any violent rebellions were enocent people could die!
Friday 8 July 2016, 15:14:31
[deleted user]
both sides are important we need to Focus on keeping the faith and keep staying active with whatever we are doing to spread the light and to help and support each other in any possible way. Most and foremost we need to keep calm and rooted when these days are coming: I am preparing myself also by having enough food for my family and my animals . Time WILL COME SOON; I feel it clearly and my channelings with my inner guides and also the ETs told me so that time is near. Predictions are ALWAYS difficult when it comes to an exact date and so energies tendecies work out like this way that if the energy will be so overfilled with the wish for disclosure and change that THEN it will happen like an outburst of energy manifesting in form. That is what I feel. Love to you
Saturday 9 July 2016, 05:53:17
Thank you Martina fairydust! Its true we need to keep grounded at all times! And I also feel is coming soon, perhaps that is the cause of my restlessness ! Much Love to All!
Saturday 9 July 2016, 16:39:08
[deleted user]
I feel the same heart:) I think we are all a little excited! I truly hope as well we do not have to wait for so long anymore:)
Saturday 9 July 2016, 18:57:46
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